Роль музыки и песен в изучении английского языка.

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The role of music and songs in increasing motivation to learn english Problem:Increase emotional appeal practice of a foreign language.Actuality:Foreign music in the classroom and in the school is absolutely necessary because it may make the study of English language interesting and more practical; music helps us to know English better. Objective:To explore and highlight the value of a song material on language learning. Tasks:1. Examine and determine the role of music and songs of learning language:highlight the role of a song when learning a foreign pronunciation;note features authentic songs as one of the elements of the national-cultural component of language learning.2. Emphasize the meaning of the song to increase the motivation to learn a foreign language.3. Acquaintance of pupils with research topics. Work plan Formulation of fundamental questions.Establishment of a working group.Discussion of the project plan.The distribution of duties.Collecting of materials and its analysis.Testing, questioning of the classmates.Summing-up.The work above creation of presentation. Methods of research:Collection of informationThe study of literatureHearing of musicTesting classmatesPlanning of extracurricular activitiesSumming up of results Object of studySchool 31 Our working group Expected results People cannot live without music Music is everywhereMusic is always with us Our favourite music Styles of music “Music is a higher opening than all wisdom and philosophy”Ludwig van Beethoven musicWorldsongsculturefriendshipchildrenlanguagehelpvocabularycountrydiscojazz People all over the world like music Music in my life Our starsSokolova MashaSelivanova EkaterinaKomarova KristinaRasputina EkaterinaNovosiolova DariaOznobikhina DariaAksionova DashaKamaletdinova Albina Our Dancers Our dancers Play Back 2011 - 2012 Play Back 2012 - 2013The Hit Of The Festival“We will rock you” Play Back 2012 -2013“Listen to your heart” The BrightestPerformance Play Back 2013 -2014“Once Upon A December”The Hit of the Festival The Hit of the Festival“Hold me”Play Back 2013 -2014 Why do I study English? Why do I study English The products of our activity Used literatureNaumenko S. “Develop an ear for music, singing voice and the creative abilities of pupils of comprehensive schools.-M: Education, 1982Graham C., Jass Chants: American English as a second language.-NY.; OUP, 1978Sinkevich G. Song English class//Foreign languages in school, 2002Music and you.- NY.:Macmillan, 1988Shutov N. Music as a tool to promote training activities: monography. Nizhny Novgorod, 2000www.perevod.pesenki.ruwww.rusmuz.ru/http//www.lypicszone.ru

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