Лингвострановедческая викторина по английскому языку.

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Карандашова Н.С.- учитель английского языка МБОУ Уршельская СОШ Владимирской области2016г. What river does London stand on? The Mississippi The Thames The Severn What is the official residence of the British Queen? Westminster Abbey Buckingham Palace White House What is the capital of Scotland? London Edinburgh Cardiff Whose birthplace is Stratford-upon-Avon? R. Burns O. Henry W. Shakespeare What is the nickname of Margaret Thatcher, the previous Prime Minister of the UK? Iron Lady Pretty Woman Kind-hearted Lady What is the capital of Wales? Daffodil Cardiff Belfast What is the central square of London? Red Square Forecourt Square Trafalgar Square What holiday is celebrated on the 31st of October? Easter Christmas Halloween What is the capital of Northern Ireland? Belfast Manchester Cardiff In what lake of Scotland does a mysterious monster live? Michigan Loch-Ness Ontario How many states does the USA consist of? 52 51 50 Who discovered the American continent? Captain Cook Christopher Columbus Vasco de Gamma What oceans is the USA washed by? The Atlantic and the Pacific oceans The Arctic and the Atlantic oceans The Pacific and the Indian oceans What are the official languages in Canada? English and French English and Spanish English and German Name an English poet and writer who wrote beautiful poems called sonnets Longfellow D. Defo W. Shakespeare What city is the birthplace of the Beatles? Liverpool London Manchester What was the name of the leader of the group the “Beatles”? Elton John John Lennon Ringo Star Who is the head of state in Scotland? The Queen of Scotland The President of the USA The Queen of the United Kingdom Name a famous national Scottish musical instrument A bagpipe A dulcimer A tube How many parts does the UK consist of? Four parts Three parts Five parts What holiday do the British celebrate on the 5th of November? EasterMother’s DayGuy Fawkes’ Night What vegetable is traditional on Halloween? Carrot Cabbage Pumpkin Name the degrees of comparison of the adjective “great” Greater – the greatestMore great – the most greatMore greater – the most greatest Translate the phrase “слева от стола” To the left near the table To the left of the table To the left by the table Name the third form of the word “find” fund fond found Name the third form of the verb “teach” Tought Taught Teached Name the plural of the word”mouse” Mouses Mice mices Translate the phrase “слушать радио” Listen the radio Listen to the radio Listen of the radio Name the fifth letter of the English alphabet G F E What is the capital of Australia? Washington Canberra Sydney What is the capital of Canada? Ottawa Dublin Belfast What animal is Australia famous for? Wolf Teddy bear Kangaroo Использованные ресурсы:http://www.worlds.ru/photo/united_kingdom_13092010180http://ru.123rf.com/британия.html?mediapopup=10816959http://photo.vita.ua/418http://www.svali.ru/all_pictures/20/2http://gc85.com/imagelib/56a8429f47726.jpghttp://de-06check.info/photo/572b6f0b5bd15.jpg

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