New Year and Christmas in the UK (презентация)

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New year and Christmas in the UKПавлова Вика 8в классМАОУ СОШ №67Учитель: Шадрина Н.Н.г. Екатеринбург, 2015 British Christmas is a fairy tale for adults and children, which inevitably happens every year. We shall slightly open the curtain into the world of Christmas magic English spill! Christmas in the UK For anybody it is not a secret that the whole of Catholic Europe and America celebrate and honor Christmas more than New year. The difference lies not only in another date, but in a completely different approach to the holiday.Christmas is a religious festival, not secular, therefore religious Brits prefer a Church service, beginning at midnight, instead of culinary vanity. Young Britons do not expect gifts from Santa and Father Christmas. He was initially a kind bearded wizard in green robes and carrying gifts. The change of costume, image and popularization of another name for Father Christmas is tribute to the company "Coca-Cola", who dressed Santa in red clothes. The kids throw letters with wishes into the fireplace (so they probably reach Santa) and expect the gold coins and special gifts in Christmas socks and stockings. While the younger generation is waiting for a miracle, the adults are perplexed by many questions in advance. For one month they choose the most beautiful fire wreath symbolizing prosperity, decorate it with five candles and believe that this creation is able to bless the food. Also the house is decorated with wreaths of plants of mistletoe and Holly, decorating them with ribbons, glitter, pine cones and berries. Christmas tree with angel and Christmas star at the top are an essential attribute of the holiday. British cuisine is able to surprise any celebration: Christmas bread, a baked boar's head, English pudding, the preparation of which is attended by all family members, and a cake with predictions. Prudent mistress of the house by an ancient tradition puts a coin in the dough of the cake, a ring, a bean or a button. Every thing has its importance: marriage, happiness, wealth or poverty. The patience of the British is enough to unpack the gifts only in the morning of December 25. It should be noted that they do not compete in ability to impress each other with pricely gifts – they give each other gifts of approximately the same value. This is followed by "fireworks" in the form of crackers with confetti and surprises, and again... the holiday table. December 25 is a kind of "Groundhog Day" when there comes the long sleep, family watching TV and Board games. It is important not to oversleep at three o'clock the Queen's speech. New year celebrations in the UK You can replace the roast Turkey with chestnuts, aromatic potatoes with gravy and greens, stewed cabbage, sweet pies, nuts, fruits, etc. Goodies are certainly present at the festive dinner on the 31st December. You can take a picture with your loved one amid sprigs of mistletoe. And to celebrate the New year you can and should be noisy and fun with friends and acquaintances unlike Christmas. If you are a single brunette who has no one to see the coming year in, go in any house and you will invariably be pleased, since the visit of a dark-haired man first promises good luck all 12 months. Another nice thing is to leave expensive gifts for Christmas, for New year it is customary to exchange greeting cards, store-bought or hand-made. Yes, in the UK they continue to use traditional mail and don't forget to invest in a postcard kind words! To celebrate the New year at Home... in principle no matter where, it is important with whom. You can do it in a cafe or restaurant, where there is a costume party, mass fun and dancing until dawn is guaranteed. In the clubs preferred by the British youth, you can find yourself dancing and watching performances . The most active fans of a healthy lifestyle are invited to celebrate the year of the rink at the Natural History Museum. Incorrigible romantics should invite their spouse on a cruise along the Thames . In the city squares, Piccadilly or Trafalgar, you can merge with the merry crowd, hear the clink of glasses tens of thousands and millions of diverse new year greetings, watch costume performances and fireworks, which is absolutely free. New year's eve wonders of the place, and the rule of free cheese in the mousetrap is cancelled. If you go to London on New year's day, you can’t but avoid the chimes of midnight. Happy, Happy New Year!We wish you all the best,Great work to reach your fondest goals,And when you’re done, sweet rest.We hope for your fulfillment,Contentment, peace and more,A brighter, better new year thanYou’ve ever had before. Christmas is so merry, at this special time of yearChristmas is extraordinary, as long as you are hereInside my heart I’ll jump and dance, excited just to seeThe sparkling beauty in your glance, upon this Christmas eve. Happy New Year and merry Christmas!!!

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