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ГБ ПОУ КСО «Свердловское художественное училище имени И.Д. Шадра»Преподаватель: Коровкина Т.В. FIFA World Cup2018 FIFA World Cup football championship will take place in RussiaFIFA World Cup footballIt is a great chanceIt is a great chance to see the stages of the championship with their own eyesIn the city is expected influx of tourists from all over Russia and other countries. Influx of touristsEkaterinburgEkaterinburg is one of the cities that will host the football championship 2018The reconstructed stadium will preserve the eastern andwestern walls of the stands, which are the architectural monument of Stalin’s neo-classicism, elements of cultural heritageChampionship qualifying matches will take place in therenovated largest stadium of EkaterinburgStadium was built in 1953-1957

Ekaterinburg - Treasure of Ural3The name «Ekaterinburg» was given to it by one of the city founders, the Russian historian and economist Vasily Tatishchev1Uniquely located on the geographical borderline of Europe and Asia, and at the foot of the Ural Mountains, Ekaterinburg has a population of 1.37 million.The city was founded by a decree of Peter I the Great in 1723.2

The land of gems and metalsPeter the Great had appointed Vasily Tatischev head of the public mining factories. The site for the future ironworks was selected on the banks of the Iset River which was rich in wood and ore. 17201723The date of the trial run of the equipment at the new plant in Ekaterinburg, November 18, 1723, is considered the date of the city’s foundation. The plant surrounded by powerful fortifications was named Ekaterinburg in honour of Empress Catherine the Great.A stone-cutting workshop opened in Ekaterinburg17201738First gold deposit on Russian territory was discovered in these parts of the country. The largest golden nugget found in the Urals weighed over 36 kilograms (79 pounds).17201745An emerald-bearing vein was discovered on the Tokovaya River. Today, the Ural emeralds are mined in the village of Malyshev at one of the world’s largest deposits.17201831

A diverse architectural collectionThe charming character of the Ural capital is a result of the fanciful mix of architecture styles, from Russian Neo-Classicism to Eclecticism.In the 18th -19th centuries classic style prevailed in the architecture of the city:  Rastorguev-Kharitonov Estate, houses of main chief and main forestry officer, Malahov's country cottage, drugstore of mining department and the house of merchant Oshurkov.In the 18th -19thIn the second half of the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries new Ekaterinburg buildings were built in various styles from pseudo Russian architecture to modern and classic: Borchaniniov’s mill and the railway station.New Ekaterinburg buildingsBut the principal architectural style of Ekaterinburg is Constructivism, the Soviet architectural avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s. The city was filled with austere, laconic and geometrically-perfect buildings. There are about 140 Constructivist buildings in Ekaterinburg: from the Central Post Office shaped like a tractor to the Iset Hotel in the shape of a sickle, from Uralmashzavod’s communal kitchen to the White Water Tower that became an unofficial symbol of the entire city district.Avant-gard of 1920s

The City of Culture and TourismRich historical heritage, unique monuments of architecture, history, culture and art as well as unique nature and local flavour attract tourists from all around the world.The City of Culture and TourismEkaterinburg’s industrial life has had a direct influence on its culture. The heart of Ekaterinburg is its dam (Plotinka), few buildings of the old factory area have been preserved here:the Museum of History of Architecture of the UralsMuseumthe Nature Museum (located in the so-called Historical Public Garden)MuseumThe oldest building of Ekaterinburg which dated from 1764 and that was recently reconstructed. At present this is the Fine Arts Museum.Building

The City of Culture and TourismThere are 12 theatres, 2 philharmonic societies, 25 galleries and exhibition halls.The CityThe history of the Opera House began back in 1912, and it is one of the oldest theatres in Russia.OperaThe so-called Literature Quarter is a refurbished spot in the old city turned into a museum complex. It hosts the Chamber Theatre, where the characters of the Ural writers are brought to life on its stage, the Theatre of Russian Romances and a number of literature museums.MuseumPhenomenon of Sverdlovsk Rock MusicRock MusicSince the 1980s Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) has been justly considered the 3rd capital of the Russian RockRockRock bands from Yekaterinburg are known to millions of RussiansBandsA museum of the Sverdlovsk Rock Club will be opened in the “Profintern” House of Culture, where Rock Club was founded in 1986Rock

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