Контрольная работа по теме «Дом» 4 класс

Test yourself (4 класс, Unit 2)

Вставь пропущенные слова is или are.

1. There a nice picture on the table.
There a lot of postcards on the table.
There two windows in our living room.
There no shelves in my bedroom.
There three rooms in my flat.
There a nice woman in the kitchen.
II.Расставь слова в нужном порядке. Запиши предложения.
are, There, a, bedroom, my, in, flat.
no, is, chairs, There, in, living room, my.
poster, is, on,
· There, a, the, wall.
III. Переведи предложения с английского языка на русский.

1. There are a lot of books on the shelf.
There are chairs next to the fireplace.
There is a computer on the desk.
There is a new carpet on the floor.
There is a shelf above the table.
Is there an armchair between the sofa and the table.


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