Презентация к уроку «Средства коммуникации»

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Means of communication The tasks of the lesson: Ознакомление с новой лексикой Совершенствовать знания по теме: «Средства коммуникации» Практика в диалогической и монологической речи по теме Фонетическая зарядка:[u:] – [ju:]A new moon; a rude youth; two new shoes;Ruth can’t say boo to a goose.Too few rulers rule as rulers should rule.“U” can be seen without a “Q” but “Q” must always go with “U”. Match the pairs.computer telegramfax e-mailtelephone fax messagetelegraph phone call Let’s check the taskComputer---------e-mailFax-------------fax messageTelephone---------phone callTelegraph-----------telegram Read the text and answer the questions.Clare(17): I really enjoy using my computer. It’s so interesting. I can make new friends and chat with them on the Internet. Now I have two close friends from Italy and Canada. Next summer we are going to meet in Paris and spend a week together visiting museums and painting. Painting is our hobby. Besides, the Internet helps me in my studies. I can find the necessary information and use it in my work. Mrs O’Neal ( her mother): I hate computers! Children sit in front of them for hours. It’s bad or their eyes. They cant stop playing cruel and silly games. They become nervous, angry and tired. Computers are a waste of time. Children use them only for games and don’t really learn anything. Answer the questions:Do you spend much time using computers?What about your friends?What do your parents think about computers? Let’s listen (Page 23, ex 69) C (K) C(S)Call distance Look at the picture and tell me what is it? Answer the questions1. Say what you think are the advantages and disadvantages of talking on the phone?2. What do you know about red telephone box?3. What’s your telephone number?4. Why do we use computers for communication?5. Say, who needs computers, telephones, fax, e-mail for their everyday activities. What for? ( example: doctors need phone because people can phone for an ambulance or call the doctor) Read the telephone numbers:190338, 230447, 678450, 589421, 567097, 764327, 120954, 574932, 754389, 478433, 298704, 487003, 097443, 123213, 213435, 567674, 500487, 328675, 487632, 765443. Translate into English the following phone numbers:1)Двадцать два – тринадцать - восемьдесят,2) Триста пятьдесят четыре – двести тринадцать,3) Пятьсот – шестьсот тридцать пять,4) Сто сорок пять – восемьдесят. Work in groupsA) choose the most important means of communication.B) discuss and write down its advantages and disadvantages.C) Tell you classmates about your choice. Explain your choice. Did you like the lesson?Show one of your smiles you have on your desk.=)=(=\Thank You!!!=)))

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