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InternetBurdina Elvina 7 “V”form "The Internet is necessary for transfer and information reception". It can be presented as one big virtual field of information which is remarkably structured and equipped with search system. Transfer of letterThe Internet is the most modern platform for trade. The Internet is a huge market which doesn't demand physical space and access to it lies via your home computer. It is difficult to present sales volumes and purchases which are made on the Internet every day. Number of transactions hugely. Besides, advertizing which is posted online costs cheaper much real advertizing on the physical carrier, and its efficiency, on the contrary, surpasses efficiency of any billboard on the brisk autobahn. The Internet and business go hand in hand even from the origin of a world web. It is an internet shop The Internet is used as we already mentioned above, for transfer and obtaining information. And, to us it is thought that this sphere - a basis, idea of the Internet. Any business, at an initial stage are transfers and information reception. On this principle the Internet also is constructed. The founder of a site seeks to tell either about himself, or about the goods, or about the thoughts, or of the site. And in world virtual space surely there will be that person to whom it will be interesting. At the volumes of users who endures the present Internet, it is inevitable. Here, for what the Internet is necessary. The best decision which you can think up for the fastest distribution of information is the Internet. In it there is no censorship. It is possible to find everything in the Internet. The Internet is necessary to me for many things:1 . Exchange of information, documents with business partners;2 . Obtaining information on the organizations, goods and services, and also receiving goods (as necessary in work, and for the house, for a family);3 . Implementation of cheaper international, international negotiations on IP-telephony;3 . Obtaining information on unknown to me to subjects which sometimes you face at work, etc.4 . Receiving the latest news, state-of-the-art reviews, information;5 . Communication. Positive quality on the Internet. Negative quality on the Internet Thanks for attention!

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