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The telephone as means of communication The history of the telephone.Phone invented in 1876, Alexander Bell.At first there was not a phone button or disc. To call someone, you had to pick up the phone and tell the telephone operator that she connected you with the correct number.The first device that could transfer music tone (no voice only colors) Image ѐ l in 1861, the German physicist Johann Philipp Reis. This device he called Telephon. Word "Phone", derived from the Greek words Body" - far and the "background" - the sound, literallymeans "the sound from a distance." The famous red house in London.The famous British red telephone box was designed by Sir G.G. Scott in the 1920s and 1930s. In 1985, of them were replaced by modern telephone boxes. The people protested so much that the old red boxes were put back in Londons streets. Advantages and disadvantages of talking on the telephone.Advantages: to communicate with my friends, to receive important(useful) information, to phone for an to communicate with my friends ambulance(police)… Disadvantages: waste of time, to have no time to do homework(to read,to help parents , to go in for sports etc), What is it phone?Phone number - a unique invention, whose task is to transfer sound in the distance. Phone - a device to send and receive audio from a distance Number phoneEach digit of the telephone number in the English language is pronounced separately: 25916-two five nine one six;33892-double three eight nine two Thank you for your attention!!!!

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