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TV Burdina Elina 7 “V” form. Emergence of television in RussiaRather at first the television broadcasting to the USSR, and then TVs arose began to appear in houses of the Soviet citizens.The first skilled telecasts began in 1931. The first television cinema was shown in 1932. The regular broadcasting of mechanical television with a soundtrack began in 1934, in 1939 - regular electronic telecasting. During war the television didn't work. The first post-war transfer was shown in Moscow on May 7, 1945 (not absolutely post-war it turns out).In 1967 regular color telecasting began. Television – the most powerful mass media in modern to us the world. Certainly, there are still newspapers and radio, but on presentation and staginess the television advances them everything on hundred points. News and the popular scientific programs, special information and research channels inform to us everything that occurs in policy, science, sports, culture and other spheres of public life in only a few seconds. From the screen we learn about new opening, laws and events in the world. We for TV!It is the most available type of mass media (free of charge, is in each house);Source of useful and interesting information;Good way to have a good time (movies, musical programs, show, a talk-show;Allows to see the world and events (news programs, programs about travel, about animals, sports tournaments. We against TV.Viewing of telecasts doesn't belong to an active type of rest;The TV is for elderly people;It is too much advertizing, it irritates;Few educational programs for us;It is too much violence scenes and cruelty on a TV screenThe TV damages eyesight;It is better to descend in movie theater or to spend time in the open air. There is a lot of means of communications but most popular of them is considered the TV Thanks for attention!

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