Тест для студентов 3 курса специальность страховое дело

Итоговый тест для студентов 3 курса специальность «Страховое дело» 2 семестр
по теме: INSURANCE
1.Translate into Russian:
Life insurance
Industrial insurance
Endowment insurance
Unemployment benefits
Sickness benefits
Maternity grants
Family allowances
To cover the risk
2. Translate into English:
Страхование жизни, автострахование , страховая компания, страхование домашнего имущества, страховщик ,страховой полис, пособие на рождение ребенка, пособие на семью, страхование на срок
3. Choose the right word:
…is a document setting out the exact terms and conditions of the insurance transactions.a.insurance broker b.insurance policy c. insurance company
…insurance in case you die suddenly.
Household insurance b. car insurance c. life insurance
…insurance in case you have an accident when you are travelling.
a.travel insurance b. medical insurance c. car insurance
4. Answer the questions:
1.Is insurance business very popular in your country?
2.What insurance companies do you know?
3.What types of insurance are practiced in company you work?

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