Конкурс сочинений на тему финансовой грамотности

Competition of essays
Theme: « I save up because…»
I save up because dreams always come true! Dream is a cherished wish, when it comes true everyone becomes very happy. You have to work hard if you want to achieve your end. You need to think over all the advantages and disadvantages of saving up the money. You should not be dependent on the money very much.
I want to tell you about my recipe of achieving of the dream.
Purpose. Necessary money. Time.
Way of preparation: ( cooking)
Take the purpose: summer, white nights, unique museums, drawbridges, new friends in Saint-Petersburg.
Add necessary money – 5000 rubles which you have collected from your salary and scholarships.
Time – summer 2015 year.
Wonderful trip to Saint-Petersburg is ready!
If you have a dream, do not wait. Act on! begin to save up for you dream. I save up because dreams always come true.
Pakhomova Galina Nikolaevna
Citizen of Russian Federation
Volgograd city
Volgograd Technological College
Faculty « Economics and bookkeeping» group E-2-1

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