Фонд оценочных средств по английскому языку 10 класс УМК Спотлайт

ФОС по английскому языку 10 класс (1 семестр) модуль 1-4 УМК Spotlight
Vocabulary & Grammar
Match the words/phrases in Column A with the words/phrases in Column B.
Hang out A online
Surf B with friends
Do C voluntary work
Send D the Net
Listen E emails
Environmental A change
Global B issues
Climate C habitats
Endangered D warming
Natural E species
Extra A range
Strict B activities
Wide C school
Boarding D classes
Extra curricular E rules
Student A loan
Pocket B spree
Household C job
Shopping D money
Weekend E chores
Fill in the correct word.
Games, sports, messages, time, shopping, earn, lend, owe, save, chargeI often go window … when I want to relax. They play computer … all the time! Every teenager knows how to send text … on a mobile phone. Do you want to do extreme … this weekend? Bill doesn’t spend a lot of … with his family. “Tina, here’s the £10 I … you.” I never go to this restaurant because they always … us more than they should. How much does Kate … from her job? Do you manage to … any money or do you spend it all? Can you … me some money?
Art, transport, forces, uniform, profession, release, store, eliminate, protect, save
Bob is very interested in comic book … . The public … in this city is horrible. Peter dreams of a career in the armed … . Paula wants to pursue a career in the medical …. I hate my school … but I have to wear it. Switch off the lights to … energy. Don’t throw the jar away; I can use it to … different things. Try to reuse things as much as possible so as to … waste. Unfortunately, there are still many factories that … toxic gases into the air. What can I do to … the environment?
Choose the correct answer A, B or C.

I think Paul is … of me because I have a new bike.
A jealous B dishonest C mean
Ian is quite …; one minute he’s all happy, the next he’s upset.
A selfish B moody C aggressive
Marta is … but sometimes she makes things more difficult instead of easier.
A patient B well-meaning C caring
I love this artist’s paintings; he’s very ….
A respectful B comfortable C creative
Kate is a very kind and … girl; she believes whatever people tell her.
A loyal B trusting C supportive
Helen is … to win the race.
A determined B outgoing C reserved
Jake loves doing extreme sports; he’s very ….
A boring B adventurous C cautious
James writes children’s books; he’s very ….
A brave B active C creative
Dave dreams of becoming president one day; he’s extremely ….
A imaginative B brave C ambitious
Ian makes new friends very easily; he’s so ….
A sensitive B sociable C shy
The … in this company is highly-qualified.
A job B people C personnel
Paul and I are going to … seminar on Creative Writing.
A participate B attend C watch
To solve this problem you must use your common ….
A thought B sense C idea
He shouldn’t try so hard to be different; we’re all in the same ….
A train B boat C plane
When his father retires, Harry will … the business.
A run B take C work
Fill in the correct word derived from the word in bold.
My family is always very (support) of my decisions. She’s a very (care) person; no wonder she’s a babysitter. He’s a well-(respect) man in the community. This book is really (interest). This actor is very (fame) in England. My car is very (economy). I don’t spend much money on petrol. (accommodate) is quite expensive at this ski resort. Can I make a (suggest)? When did the two countries sigh this (agree)? James has got a very good university (educate). I hope you have a fast (recover). He looked at her in (amaze). They don’t have a (garden); they do all the landscaping themselves. He usually hires a (translate) when he does business in China. Kate is now the new managing (direct) of the company. The (library) was busy tidying the returned books. The drum (solo) received thunderous applause. You don’t have to do that; it’s totally (necessary). The police arrested him for (legal) driving. He was (pleased) with the situation. You (heard) me; I didn’t say ‘joy’, I said ‘toy’. Don’t talk like that! This behaviour is quite (appropriate). There’s no way this is right. It’s absolutely (possible).
Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple, present continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous.

A: What (you/do) this weekend?
B: Nothing special. I (usually/visit) my grandparents at the weekends but they (leave) for London on Friday.
A: (you/have) lunch yet?
B: Not yet. I (work) in the garden for the past five hours.
A: (you/like) bungee jumping?
B: You know, I (never/try) it but I (think) of trying it this weekend.
A: I (go) to the gym every day for two months and I (not/lose) any weight yet.
B: I (exercise) every day too but I (also/be) on a diet.
A: How long (Jane and Kate/be) friends?
B: They (know) each other for ten years and they (share) a flat for the last four years.
A: Where are the Smiths?
B: They (go) to Paris for the weekend.
Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form: -ing form, to-infinitive form or infinitive without to.
Please remind me (return) the DVD to the video club. My mother made me (clean) my room today. Would you like (go) shopping tomorrow? I don’t mind (watch) this film again. Let me (help) you with the bags. Jane hates (take) the car to the garage. I can’t wait (hear) your news. Kate must (see) a doctor as soon as possible. Rick and Diane enjoy (do) extreme sports. I’m looking forward to (travel) to South America next month. What do you want to (eat) tonight? I cannot imagine (live) in another country. He went to her birthday party without (bring) her a present. I can’t help (wonder) what is wrong with him tonight. Thanks, I’d love (join) you. Wendy isn’t keen on (cycle).
Put the verbs in brackets into the correct future form: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous.
I have a lot of work today; I (come) home late tonight. I don’t think John (pass) his French exam; he hasn’t studied enough. “When (you/fly) to London?” “Tomorrow morning”. This time next week I (shop) in Milan. By the end of the month I (finish) this project. Helen and I (go) to the cinema tonight. I’m very hungry. I (make) myself something to eat. The kids (go) to bed by 10 o’clock. Clark (drive) his new car tomorrow at 12 o’clock. We (have) dinner with my parents at the weekend. That’s terrible news! What (you/do)? I (send) you an SMS before I leave work, OK? By the end of this year Susan (live) in the USA for 3 years. This time next year Faye (study) in Dublin. What (you/buy) Fiona for her birthday? I’m cold. I (close) the window.
Complete the sentences using must(n’t), can’t, (don’t) have to, should(n’t), ought to, had better. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.
You … walk the dog again. John walked him an hour ago.
You look very pale. You … take some aspirin and go to bed.
I’m afraid you … park here.
This is an old-fashioned school. All students … wear a uniform.
Look at this phone bill! I really … try to make fewer phone calls.
You … be loud during the lesson.
You … take all this waste paper to the recycling bin.
I can’t meet my friends in the evening because I … do my homework.
Choose the correct preposition A, B, C.
I am not very good … Maths. A) at B) to C) for
Look … the unknown words in the dictionary. A) after B) up C) out
Jane is looking … to the trip at the weekend. A) down B) after C) forward
My father is keen … fishing. A) on B) about C) with
Everybody looks … him because he didn’t help clean up after the party. A) down on B) out for C) up
My father is crazy … photography. A) about B) with C) in
Mrs Jenkins is fond … painting. A) at B) with C) of
Are you interested … mythology? A) in B) at C) with
I’m very proud … you! A) with B) of C) about
Luke is brilliant … basketball. A) at B) in C) on
I ran … Alex yesterday on my wat to work. A) onto B) into C) to
Hang the cage higher to protect the canary … the cat. A) from B) out of C) under
We’ve run … sugar. A) of B) from C) out of
We are supporters … WWF. A) about B) at C) of
Cars run … gas. A) with B) on C) in
Choose the correct comparison degree A, B or C.
This picture of you is … than that one. A) clear B) clearer C) the clearest
Daniel is … student in class. A) good B) better C) the best
Having no friends is … thing that could happen to me. A) bad B) worse C) the worst
For me a weekend at the beach is … than a weekend in the mountains. A) relaxing B) more relaxing C) the most relaxing
You look … in the red dress than you do in the black one. A) beautiful B) more beautiful C) the most beautiful

Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use the word in bold. Use two to five words.
She hasn’t been to this house before. (time) it’s the first … this house.
I last had Chinese two weeks ago. (had) I … two weeks.
We haven’t been out for coffee for a long time. (went) It’s … out for coffee.
I’ve never seen such a good film. (best) It’s the … seen.
He started school in 2003. (going) He has … 2003.
Fiona loves martial arts. (crazy) Fiona … martial arts.
Sue doesn’t have enough money to buy a new car. (afford) Sue … a new car.
We can’t wait to go to Rome. (forward) We … to Rome.
Vivian prefers playing tennis to playing volleyball. (rather) Vivian … play volleyball.
I don’t really like playing board games. (keen) I … board games.
Driving a motorbike isn’t as safe as driving a car. (than) Driving … driving a motorbike.
I’ll call you the minute I get home. (soon) I’ll call you … home.
Can’t you run any faster than that? (fastest) Is this … you can run?
Actors do one of the most creative jobs. (as) There aren’t many jobs … than of an actor.
Dinner will be ready when you come back. (prepared) I … the time you come back.
It’s not necessary for you to leave now. (need) You … now.
You should see a doctor. (better) You … a doctor.
You mustn’t walk on the grass. (allowed) You … on the grass.
It’s not a good idea for you to go out tonight. (not) You … tonight.
You should be more careful. (to) You … more careful.
Match texts (1-7) with headings A-H. Use the headings only once. There is one you do not need to use.A an unusual hobby
B bargain hunter
C cinema lover
D fitness fan
E volunteer
F gig goer
G a passion for designer labels
H technology freak
I usually meet my friends down at the multiplex on a Saturday and we decide what to watch. There’s always something new out that we want to see. Luckily, we have the same taste and don’t spend too long deciding. I enjoy talking about it afterwards – the special effects, the acting and so on. It’s my favourite pastime!
I’m crazy about all new gadgets that come out. I spend most of my free time shopping or surfing the Net to check out the prices. The trouble is, nothing stays new for very long and you have to upgrade all the time. My mum says I spend too much on things I don’t need. I can’t help it – it’s my passion.
I have always been a very active person, always trying new sports and spending my time keeping fit. I enjoy sport not only because it is healthy but also because it is a good way to meet people. I’m really into mountain biking at the moment and so I spend most weekends on trips. We sleep out in tents – it’s cool!
I spend a lot of my time shopping. I like to shop on my own or with my friends and most of my money is spent on clothes. But I am very careful with what I buy. I always spend time window shopping first and make sure I am getting a good price. It’s brilliant when you find a really nice top, and everyone thinks you paid a fortune for it, when in fact it cost you next to nothing.
You might think it strange that I spend so much time at the dog training centre. Most people my age are more interested in clubbing or hanging out at the mall. But it’s great to work with animals. My dog, Roy, has become so obedient now and I have helped my neighbor’s dog as well. It started out as a hobby, but who knows? I might decide to do it as a career.
Running errands for people is what I enjoy doing most. I usually help my grandma on Saturday with her shopping and sometimes do some gardening too. There’s always something that you can do to help people. I never take money for the work I do. I do it because I want to help.
Seeing bands on TV or listening recordings just isn’t the same. You really need to hear it live. I love to go and listen to my favourite bands and often travel long distances to see them. my favourite has got to be the Glastonbury Festival. There you can hear the best music around.
Read the text and match items A-G to the gaps 1-6. There is one item you do not need to use. Write your answers in the table below.
There are many different kinds of activities for us to enjoy nowadays. In fact, there is something for all personality types.
If you are the brave, adventurous kind, you can try skydiving or white-water rafting. Many people are crazy about sports like these (1). Today we live in the ‘extreme’ sport world. We seek adventure instead of (2).
If you are a quieter type, you may enjoy gardening or fishing. These activities are more relaxing (3). Seeds sewn in the spring result in beautiful flowers that can brighten up your mood; fishing with friends can strengthen the relationship you have, or may just be a relaxing day out with tasty supper at the end!
The imaginative can take up art classes or learn sculpture. In today’s fast-paced world we all appreciate the opportunity to express ourselves and take it easy (4). Solitary activities like knitting or stamp collecting, once considered to be old-fashioned, are becoming popular again.
Traditional team sports like football or basketball are great for developing team spirit and a sense of national pride. However, shy, reserved types prefer to watch them from the comfort of their couches rather than practise the sport itself. It is a pity, (5).
Today’s pastimes are often linked to technology and may encourage us to be lazy. Surfing the Net or chatting online is a popular pastime for many but more sociable types prefer to go to the cinema or to go to an exhibition (6).
A as sports like these have the ability to make us fit and strong
B and they bring many rewards
C because some people would rather go snowboarding
D where they can be in direct contact with people
E because of adrenaline rush they get from them
F after a hard day at the office
G staying home and playing cards or board games
1 2 3 4 5 6

Match speakers 1-6 with statements A-G. Use the statements only once; there is one you do not need to use.
A The speaker can’t wait to take up a new extreme sport. Speaker 1 …..B The speaker isn’t sure about extreme sports. Speaker 2 …..C The speaker wouldn’t dream of trying extreme sports. Speaker 3 …..D The speaker finds extreme sports too dangerous. Speaker 4 …..E The speaker is crazy about winter sports. Speaker 5 …..F The speaker would consider trying an extreme sport. Speaker 6 …..G The speaker recommends a new sport. Speaker 7 …..Listen to the conversation between two friends and answer questions 1-7, deciding whether the statements are A (True), B (False) or C (Not stated).

Sarah had an interesting weekend.
True B) False C) Not stated
Sarah saw the activity advertised at school.
True B) False C) Not stated
There were six people on Sarah’s raft.
True B) False C) Not stated
Sarah had all the right equipment with her.
True B) False C) Not stated
Sarah was the only beginner.
True B) False C) Not stated
Sarah got a good tan at the weekend.
True B) False C) Not stated
Sarah wasn’t frightened at all during the trip.
True B) False C) Not stated
Read the extract from your English pen-friend’s email.
What’s your family like? What do you do together? I can’t wait for the summer holidays! I’ve got lots of things planned.
Write an email to your pen-friend. In your email:
Tell him/her about your family
Ask three questions about his/her plans for the holidays (100-140 words)
Your teacher asked you to write an article discussing the pros and cons of travelling in the city by bike. Write your article (100-15- words).
You have seen the following advert in the local newspaper and would like to apply. Write your letter of application. Include: why you would like the job; why you think you would be good at it. (write 100-140 words)
Summer Camp Activity Leaders WANTED for summer months
If you are 18 years or over, like working with young people and are available to work this summer, then contact us! You should be able to offer at least two activities. Send your CV to: Fairfield Camps, P.O. Box 206, Sunnydale.
1b, 2d, 3c, 4e, 5a
1b, 2d, 3a, 4e, 5c
1d, 2e,3a, 4c, 5b
1a, 2d, 3e, 4b, 5c
Shopping, games, messages, sports, time, owe, charge, earn, save, lend, art, transport, forces, profession, uniform, save, store, eliminate, release, protect
a, b, b
c, b, a
b, c, c
b, c, b
b, b, a
D) supportive, caring, respected, interesting, famous, economical, accommodation, suggestion, agreement, education, recovery, amazement, gardener, translator, director, librarian, soloist, unnecessary, illegal, displeased, misheard, inappropriate, impossible.
E) are you doing, usually visit, are leaving;
Have you had, have been working;
Do you like, have never tried, am thinking;Have been going, haven’t lost, have been exercising, have also been;
Have Jane and Kate been, have known, have been sharing;Have gone.
F) to return, clean, to go, watching, help, taking, to hear, see, doing, travelling, eat, living, bringing, wondering, to join, cycling.
G) am going to come, will pass, are you flying, will be shopping, will have finished, are going, ‘ll make, will have gone, will be driving, are having, will you do, ‘ll send, will have lived, will be studying, are you going to buy, ‘ll close.
H) don’t have to, should/ought to/had better, can’t, must, must/should/ought to, mustn’t, had better/should/ought to, have to.
A, b, c, a, a, a, c, a ,b, a, b, a, c, c, b.
J) b, c, c, b, b
K) first time she has visited;
Haven’t had Chinese for;
A while since we went;
Best film I have ever;Been going to school since;Is crazy about;Cannot afford to buy;Are looking forward to going;Would rather play tennis than;
Am not keen on playing;A car is safer than;As soon as I get;
The fastest;
As creative as;
Will have prepared dinner by;Don’t need to leave;
Had better see;Aren’t allowed to walk;
Had better not go out;Ought to be.
L) c, h, d, b, a, e, f
M) 1e 2g 3b 4f 5a 6d
N) f, c, a, g, d, b
O) a, b, a, a, b, c, b.

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