аннотация к учебному пособию по модулю 03.01″Организация туроператорской деятельности»

Abstract for the textbook of professional module 03 « The provision of tour operator services » The discussed textbook represents the interdisciplinary course of lectures 03.01. « Technology and organization of tour operator activities » included in the professional module « The provision of tour operator services » w h ich has been developed in acco r dance with Fe deral State Educational s tandard for vocational education to implement the state requir ements for minimum content and l evel of tra ining of graduates with a degree in 43.02.10 « Tourism » and it is addressed for the third-year students. The text book conta ins an explanatory note, the theoretical part which reveals all the didactic units, list of basic and additional literature. The aut hors : Petrov I.V .( a careers teacher ),Bakhurinskaya N.V. and Fomina I.I.(English teachers). The aim of this text book is formation of professional competencies of the students : to form a tour product, to calculate the cost of tour product, to interact with tour agents on sales and promotions of tour product. The bas ic tenets of the theory and practice of organizing t our operator activities such as : organizational and legal bases of activity of a tour operator company, formation, promotion and realization of tours, the stages of development of the tourists products , organization of accommodation and catering for tourists, transportation support, organization of excursions service, insurance, tourist for malities, interactions with clients on the implementation of the tourist produ ct are comprehensively rev ealed in th e textbook . The text book has a Glossary. The materials for the text book were extracted from various sources : specialized literature, state and national standards of the Russian Federation in the field of tourist services, the official internet site of th e Federal A gency for tourism. The study of theoretical materi als will be held in the lectures , seminars, in the process of independent work with scientific literature , reference books and technological schemes . To solidify the knowledge and to form the practical skills o f the students lectures contain practical and lab oratory works ,themes for reports and essays , portfolio tasks.

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