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Form: 9
Unit: 1. Communications.
Lesson: 4. At the post office.
Aim and tasks of the lesson:
-to talk about post offices and the services they provide; to raise awareness of the abbreviated language used in telegrams.
-to teach pupils to respect each other.-to develop pupils’ listening, reading and speaking skills.Putting into practice the technology of educational process:
The type of the lesson: giving a basic information
The method of the lesson: searching, conversation
The form of the lesson: working in individual,
working in pairs/small groups
The equipment of the lesson: textbook, dictionary, tape recorder, flash cards,
pictures, video, tests, etc.
The procedure of the lesson:
1. Organizing moment:
-Warming up
-Duty’s report
2. Checking of homework: act. 4 page 8.
3. Explaining the new theme:
In English we talk about what you can do at the post office (the place in general). When we are inside the building of a specific post office we say in the post office.
Activity 1 a.Objective: to practice asking and answering questions.
Answer key:
1. The local post office is situated not far from our school/far from our school.
2. I have been to the post office long ago/yesterday/last week. I sent a letter to Sweden.
3. We can send and receive letters, telegrams, postcards and parcels.
Activity 1 b.Objective: to practice reading for gist.
Answer key:
A newcomer to Tashkent is asking for directions to the main post office.
Activity 1 c.Objective: to revise and practice asking for and giving directions.
Local- Last-
Post office- Distance-
Ordinary- Sign-
Signature Parcel-
Weigh- Weight-
Main- As far as-
Opposite- Turn right/left-
Per kilo- A registered letter-
Cash a postal order-
An express telegram-
By air mail-
Activity 2 a.Objective: to give further practice in talking about what you can do in a post office; to practice the use of “can” for ability.
Distance Ordinary Air mail
Up to 600 kmMore than 600 km60 $
80 $ 80 $
132 $
e.g. You can make an international telephone call. You can buy stamps. You can send a parcel by air mail. You can send telegrams.
4. To strengthen the lesson:
Activity 2 b.Objective: to practice the present perfect tense.
e.g. I have sent telegrams. I have bought stamps. I have made telephone calls. I have sent a parcel.
5. Homework:
6. Marking the pupils.
Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение городского округа Балашиха "Средняя общеобразовательная школа №23 с углубленным изучением отдельных предметов"
Учитель английского языка Худойназарова Нафиса Нарзуллоевна.

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