Form: 9
Theme : On the telephone.
Aim and tasks of the lesson:
Educational aim:
to practise the language of informal telephone calls:
to practise saying telephone numbers;
to practice translating ;
Up-bringing aim:
to teach pupils how to speak on the telephone;
to involve their attention to give one or more solutions of them;
to teach how correctly bring their thoughts in public;
Development aim:
to develop speaking skill;
to achieve writing and listening skills;
to help work better in a group work
The contend of the lesson
greeting and warm up – 2 min
checking homework – 7 min
new theme & vocabulary – 8 min
doing exercises, activities –18 min
conclusion – 2 min
giving h/w & marks – 3 min
Type of the lesson: Giving a basic information
Structure of the lesson: Group work
Method of the lesson: Conversation
Equipments: tape recorder,book,etcThe procedure of the lesson
Good morning!
How are you, today?
How did you spend your winter holidays?
Sure, you could do all your needed things and had a good rest.
Hope we will start our new term in a splendid mood.
Now, answer my questions please.
What date is it today?
What day is it today?
What day was yesterday?
What date was yesterday?
Now please tell me, what day will be tomorrow?
Good, let us quickly make warm up.
Warm up according “Letter line”. Make a line according your name’s first letters, please.
Like Aziza, Biros, Valeria, etc.
Now the first two and the last two pupils of the line will form one group and they will sit together

Now move for the checking your homework.
Your home task was Ex. 1 p 69. Let me check your home works.
Well-done, as I see, you could do it.
Today, we are going to talk about problems in our area, let it be in our school or town.
We will discuss some problems with you then we will try to find solution for them. But before it we make a list of problems. Find where all these problems are. Choose one responsible pupil for them. He will check if nothing happens, we can make action campaign, write to newspaper or find influential people for support.
Now write down new words of this lesson. Find their meanings in wordlist.
Vocabulary aim:
The emergency service -------Fire brigade------
Explaining the new theme:
Activity 1 a.Objective: to help to establish the meaning of new words.
Answer key: 1. C 2. D 3. B 4. AActivity 1 b.Objective: to practice talking about telephones and telephoning.
Answer key:
Yes, I have/No, I haven’t. I go to my neighbour’s house.
I have got a mobile phone.
My telephone number is … The telephone number of our school is … The emergency number for the police is 02, the emergency number for fire brigade is 01, the emergency number for ambulance is 03.
Yes, I do. I talk to my parents, friends … Yes, I do, I often use the telephone. I made … phone calls yesterday.
Yes, I do/no, I don’t.
Pupils’ own answers.
Activity 2 a.Objective: to practice listening for the main idea.
Answer key: 1. Steve. 2. To say “Happy Birthday”.
Activity 2 b.Objective: to practice identifying and writing telephone phrases.
Tapescript.Steve: (ring, ring) Hello. Basildon 567292.Jane: Hello. Could I speak to Sandra, please?
Steve: Yes. Speaking.Jane: Hi, Steve. It’s Jane here.
Steve: Oh, hi. How are you?
Jane: Fine, thanks. I’m phoning to say “Happy Birthday”. I wish you happiness, health, success and all the best in the world.
Steve: Thanks.
Jane: Have a wonderful day. See you soon. Bye.
Steve: Bye.
Answer key:
1.Hello. Basildon 567292
2.Could I speak to .. please?
3.Yes. Speaking.3. To strengthen the lesson:
Activity 2 c.Objective: to practice identifying and writing telephone numbers.
Answer key:
-Have a wonderful day. Bye
448881516891000 Homework:
Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение городского округа Балашиха "Средняя общеобразовательная школа №23 с углубленным изучением отдельных предметов"
Учитель английского языка Худойназарова Нафиса Нарзуллоевна.

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