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“Введение оборотов let's do, have / has got” Выполнено Осиповой Наталией ИгоревнойУчителем немецкого и английского языкаДля учеников 7 класса Article the or no article? 1) ...Mississipi is a long river. ... Thames is not. 2) ... Bolshoi Theatre is situated in Moscow. 3) ... Russia is a country, the USA is a country too. 4) Last summer my friends were in ... England, the weather was warm and they swam in ... North Sea. 5) Where are ... Andes situated? 6) Paris is on ... Seine. 7) ... Everest is a very high mountain. 8) Huron is a lake, ... Ontario is a lake too. 9) ... Oxford is an English city. Listen to the tape. What have these cities got? Example: London has got some beautiful parks and gardens. What are these cities famous for? 1) London 2) Newcastle upon Tyne 3) York 4) Wimbledon 5) Bath 6) Brighton 7) Stratford-on-Avon 8) Bristol a) some beautiful parks and gardens b) some very old houses c) some very famous beaches d) a famous theatre e) a lot of interesting museums f) an old port g) very good tennis courts h) an old castle What was Nick going to to on holidays? Тема урока Translate into English:Иди в музей.Давай пойдём в музей. Оборот let's do(Давайте сделаем) Если нужно предложить кому-то сделать что-то вместе, часто используется оборот let's (let us) do (давайте сделаем).Let's go there. -Давайте пойдём туда.После let's инфинитив глагола употребляется без частицы to. Отрицательные предложения могут образовываться как со вспомогательным глаголом do, так и без него.Let's not go there.Don't let's go there. Alice has a lot of ideas. Example: Let's have a party.Let's not fly. Complete these dialogues. Example:- Let's go to the shop. I'd like some cakes for tea.-Yes, let's go. I'd like some ice cream and sweets too.1) -... to the beach. The weather is wonderful.- Yes. … . I'd like to … .2) - … to the cinema. I'd like to see the new film.- No, … . The film is not very interesting. Complete these dialogues. 3) - … to the museum. I'd like to see the old coins.- Yes, … .They say the coins come from Greece and Rome.4) - … to the zoo. I'd like … .- No, … . I don't like zoos.5) - … to the park. … a game of tennis.- No, … . I'm tired.6) - … to the cafe. I'd like … .- Yes, … . I'm hungry too. Match the sentences! 1) There is a good film on television today. 2) It's raining again! 3)That's very nice music. 4) Look, I'm very hungry. 5) It's a very hot day today. 6) He doesn't have a telephone. 7) Here is my new football. 8) I'm thirsty. 9) I can't wash all these plates. 10) I'm tired. 11) I don't speak Russian. 12) We have no food in the house. a) Let's drink some mineral water. b) Let's send him a letter. c) Let's speak English. d) Let's stay at home. e) Let's go the shop. f) Let's go to bed early. g) Let's watch it. h) Let's dance. i) Let's play a game. j) Let's make some sandwiches. k) Let's go to the beach. l) Let's do it together. Let's make a pause. Оборот have got/has got В Великобритании ( в отличии от США) очень часто вместо глагола have/has употребляют оборот have got/has got.I have got a car. = I have a car.They haven't got a car.= They don't have a car.Nick has got a bike.= Nick has a bike.Jane hasn't got a bike.= Jane doesn't have a bike. Listen to the tape and repeat (23). I have got = I've got We have got = We've got You have got = You've got They have got = They've got He has got = He's got She has got = She's got It has got = It's got My mother has got = My mother's got Mary has got = Mary's got What do they have and what don't they have? Use have got (haven't got), has got (hasn't got). Listen to the music! What country is from: England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland Now listen to the music and guess! Home work Complete the sentences with have got or has got. 1) We ... seven apple-trees near our country house. 2) Bess ... two armchairs in her sitting-room. 3) Their new house ... three bathrooms. 4) The Browns ... four bedrooms in their house. 6) My cousin Polly ... four cats in her flat. 7) I ... two fridges in the house. 8) Pete ... three hamburgers on his plate. 9) I know you ... a very good sweet shop near your house.10) The school ... a large gym. Рефлексия Я узнал ...Теперь я могу ....Мне было сложно …Мне было интересно …Я работал …Я чувствую …Моя оценка ...

Викторина «Знаток английского языка» для 6-8 классов

Найди лишнее слово в строчке. peach, pear, chicken, apple, banana
Подбери переводы к английским пословицам.

Better late than never.

A good name is better than riches.

When in Rome, do as Romans do.

Хорошая репутация важнее богатства.
Лучше поздно чем никогда.
С волками жить, по волчьи выть.

Назови эту достопримечательность.
This is William Shakespear.
a) Верно.
b) Неверно.
5. Ответь на вопрос:
What is the national emblem of England?
· thistle
the rose
the chamomile

Выбери ответ. The official residence of the Queen in London is
Buckingham Palace
The Houses of Parliament

What time is it?
a) It is a quarter to seven.
b) It is a quarter past seven.
8. What three pets do English love most of all?

mice, sheep, parrots.
dogs, cats, horses.
cows, hens, pigs.

Where is London situated?
on the Thames
on the Seine

10. Solve a riddle.

What looks like a half of an apple?
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