Weather in England

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The winter period on the British islands begins with December, and comes to an end in the beginning of March. The quantity of really winter days is not enough, and furthermore very cold. In the winter day time is considerably reduced and reaches about 7-8 hours per day. The average temperature during a cold season changes from a minus 1 up to 5 degrees. On the British islands the spring takes place to be from March till May, however, as well as in all countries with moderate island and moderately continental climate. In the spring in territory of islands people enjoy magnificent warm weather, however all can unexpectedly change. Good weather is quickly replaced by a cold and rains. At this time year the temperature changes with 5 up to 10 degrees. But, certainly, also on the British islands it is possible to observe and very hot days for spring - up to 19 degrees. The summer on the British islands lasts from June till August. The majority of days very warm though are also cool. The average temperature makes 14-20 degrees , but sometimes the temperature falls outside the limits habitual and reaches up to 28 degrees of heat. Between England and Scotland it is necessary to note small distinction in a climate. Basically, in the north of the British islands is little bit colder, rather than in the center and in the south. However years rains, and sometimes and downpours are usual business in all Great Britain. The autumn also is typical for a moderate island and continental climate. That is September, October and November are considered as autumn months. As well as in the spring, on the British islands there can be very warm days, but also very cold. The temperature during the autumn period on islands changes between 7 and 14 degrees. Certainly, if to take weather in the autumn as a whole in September month it is much better, rather than in November. During all seasons weather of the Great Britain is inclined to change since day in day. So, if you asked a question, what things to pack, going for the British islands, good idea will take with yourself a water-proof coat or a raincoat, and also a umbrella. The climate of the Incorporated kingdom is unpredictable, even, despite of weather forecasts. The British climate is moderate sea, and usually the temperature does not fall below zero even during winter seasons. In the summer the temperature seldom exceeds 25 degrees. The majority of time temperature changes from 10 up to 20 degrees of heat. Listening to forecasts, it is possible to get confused very strongly. It happens, that transfer overcast and rains, however the sun all the day shines. When speak, that deposits it is not expected, probably, within day there will be a rain. Besides if you travel about coast of the Great Britain, you should not listen to the forecast at all therefore as it is focused basically on London. The climate of the Great Britain is completely unpredictable - weather never coincides with forecasts of meteorologists. To look forecasts to define weather for tomorrow - all the same what to try to define it on seaweed. But in spite of on anything it at all does not prevent development of meteorological services and their prosperity. Always it is possible to confuse itself if to pay attention to weather forecast., bar none, meteorologists speak each time, that variable overcast is expected, and places deposits are possible. Also it is considered, that is closer to region Seltsk beforehand to define weather much more difficultly while in London it is possible though approximately to assume something.

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