Презентация по теме Знаменитые люди США Louis Daniel Armstrong

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Louis Daniel Armstrong DONNA'S and the FUNKY BUTT were two great jazz spots Armstrong wore a Star of David pendant for the rest of his life Armstrong with his first trumpet instructor, Peter Davis in 1965. Armstrong became second trumpet for the Tuxedo Brass Band, a society band. King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band Lil Hardin-Armstrong was the most prominent woman in early jazz. Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra His first recordings His group: Kid Ory (trombone), Johnny Dodds (clarinet), Johnny St. Cyr (banjo), wife Lil on piano All Stars Jazz Band (1963) Autograph of Armstrong on the muretto of Alassio Satchmo's autograph from the 1960s Louis Armstrong's house at 34-56 107th St. in the Corona neighborhood Louis Armstrong Stadium, New York US Postage Stamp 1995

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