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ПредлогиПрезентация разработана преподавателем английского языка ГАПОУ МО "Кандалакшский индустриальный колледж" ​Храмцовой Тамарой ВладимировнойКандалакша, 2016​ Предлоги ВРЕМени: at, on, in1. Точное время: at I start work at 8 o’clock I go to bed at midnight.2. День: on I don’t work on Sundays. I was born on 22 November. The concert is on New Year’s Day.3. Месяц/время года/год: in I’m going on holiday in October Emma left school in 2013. The garden is lovely in spring. предлоги времени: at, on ,in (Другие употребления )Нет предлога: this… next…. Last… every…The garden was lovely last summer.{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}AtOnInat the weekend at nightat the midnightat Christmas/at Easterat the end of…at the moment/ at presentat sunset/at sunriseat the same timeon Monday morningon Sunday eveningon Christmas Day/on my birthdayin the morning/in the afternoon/in the eveningin five minutesin two yearsin six weeksin the Middle Agesin the 18th centuryIn the past/in the future Другие предлоги времени1. from… to… - от … до …I work from Monday to Friday2. Until/till - до (конца какого-то периода)They will be away until Friday.Wait here until I come back.3. Since – c … (какого-то времени в прошлом)Мr. and Mrs. Kelly have been married since 1980.4. For – в течении (какого-то периода времени)George stayed with us for three days. Другие предлоги времени (продолжение):5. before… - до…Everybody is nervous before exams.6. after … - после…We were tired after our visit to museum.7. В течение:during + сущ.: We didn’t speak during the meal.while + гл.: We didn’t speak while we were eating.for+ период времени: I lived in London for a year. Предлоги места Предлоги места in, on, at: Предлоги места in, on, at (Другие употребления ) : {5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}inonatIn bedIn hospitalIn prisonIn a streetIn the skyIn the middle of…In a photograph/in a pictureOn a busOn a trainOn a shipOn a planeOn the first floorOn the way to…/on the way homeAt the desk/at the table At the topAt the bottomAt the end of (the street)…At homeAt workAt schoolAt universityAt collegeAt the stationAt the airportAt Jane’s (house)/ at my sister’s (house)At a partyAt a football match Предлог направления to:The bus is going to LondonEmma go to work every dayНо: со словом home предлог to не используется:I get/arrive/go home every evening.(Сравните: I stayed at home yesterday.)

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