OLYMPIC QUIZ План-конспект

Старостина Евгения Ростиславовна,
учитель английского языка
ГБОУ «Центр спорта и образования «Самбо-70» Москомспорта
2014, Москва
Card 1
We are going to play the ball. I toss the ball and name a number. You catch the ball and name the Olympic Winter Sport. The team which fails loses./Я бросаю мяч и называю и считаю. Вы ловите мяч и называете Олимпийский зимний вид спорта.
Card 2
Pantomime one of sport activities. The opponent team tries to guess. / Изобразите пантомимой один из видов спорта. Другая команда отгадывает.
Card 3
Look at words in the work-sheets and form new words and phrases./Посмотрите на слова и образуйте новые слова и словосочетания путем составления из двух слов. The team which form more words is the WINNER.
Ice, running, jumping, ski, skating, figure, game, snow, man, summer, winter, style, ball, foot, judo, gymnastics, champion, final, finish, place, team, art, match, record, result, stadium, start, victory, attack, block, goal, player, sprint, boxing, trainer, sport, Olympic, hockey, speed, free.
Приложение 1
Ski jumping, sport gymnastics, art gymnastics, figure skating, Ice hockey, speed running, speed skating, Olympic games, Olympic stadium, freestyle, sportsman, summer sport, winter games.
Card 4
Listen and clap your hands when you hear the words on the topic “The Olympic Winter Games”. Who fails loses one point.
Ski jumping, cooker, milk, biathlon, tortoise, a white bear, sport gymnastics, fruit, doll, sea horse, skeleton, figure skating, rabbit, rice, Nordic combined, eyes, Ski racing, aeroplane, Ice hockey, speed running, nose, mouse, potatoes, desk, speed skating, rocking horse, Olympic slogan, eggs, mirror, Olympic games, , ball, cheese, mouth, Olympic stadium, freestyle, cow, tea set, tail, water, a snow leopard, foot, boat, sofa, sportman, summersport, snake, computer, vegetables, wintergames, Spider, jelly, head, sheep, musical box, a white hare.
Card 5 Your task is to guess and to write the Olympic Winter Sports. /Посмотрите на пиктограммы и подпишите Олимпийские виды спорта.
Приложение 2
Figureskating SkijumpingSkiracingFreestyleskiingShorttrackSkeleton
Ice Hockey
SpeedskatingAlpineskiingNordic combined
Card 6
Do you know how to write the following words? Fill in the blanks and read the words./Заполнить пропуски и прочитать.
Приложение 3
Card 7
Listen to me attentively/get cards with description/! Try to guess what sport is it? The riddles. Послушайте внимательно (прочитайте описание на карточке) и отгадайте, какой это вид спорта.
Приложение 4
Individual sport.Equipment: boos, skis and poles.
Place: outside. Snowy countryside hills or mountains.Objective: to move down hills or across the countryside in the snow. In competition skiers usually race against the clock. It’s a winter sport.
Figure skating
Individual or couples.Equipment: Ice-skates.
Place: ice rink.
Objective: to move across ice on special boots with thin metal blades.
Ice hockey
Team sport. 11 Players in each team.Equipment: a stick and a ball.
Place: indoor or outdoor playgrounds made of ice.
Objective: to score goals.
Team sport. 4 players in each team. Mostly women.Equipment: brooms and eight granite stones.
Place: indoor playgrounds made of ice.
Objective: to get target and to score points.
Card 8
Guess the crossword./ Разгадайте кроссворд.
Приложение 5

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