OLYMPIC QUIZ cardsСтаростина Евгения Ростиславовна,
учитель английского языка
ГБОУ «Центр спорта и образования «Самбо-70» Москомспорта
2014, Москва
Individual sport.Equipment: boos, skis and poles.
Place: outside. Snowy countryside hills or mountains.Objective: to move down hills or across the countryside in the snow. In competition skiers usually race against the clock. It’s a winter sport.
Individual or couples.Equipment: Ice-skates.
Place: ice rink.
Objective: to move across ice on special boots with thin metal blades.
Team sport. 11 Players in each team.Equipment: a stick and a ball.
Place: indoor or outdoor playgrounds made of ice.
Objective: to score goals.
Team sport. 4 players in each team. Mostly women.Equipment: brooms and eight granite stones.
Place: indoor playgrounds made of ice.
Objective: to get target and to score points.

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