конспект урока по теме «Transformers»

Ход урока
1. Introduction (Организационный момент)
T.: Good morning, boys and girls!
S.: Good morning, our teacher!
T.: Sit down, please. Who is on duty today?
S.: I am on duty today.
T.: Oleg, what date is it today? What day is it today? Who’s away today? What about the weather outside? Well, are you ready for the lesson?
S.: Yes!
(Беседа с дежурным)
2. Setting-up (Постановка цели урока)
(the slide with types of electrical machines is being shown on the screen of a projector - на экране проектора слайд с видами электрических машин)
T.: Can you tell me what topic are you studying?
S.: Electrical machines.
(the slide with a picture of different transformers is being shown on the screen-демонстрируется слайд с трансформаторами)
- Now, can you tell me what is it?
- They are transformers.
- Yes, you’re right. It’s a transformer. What do you know about transformers? What kind of device is it?
- We don’t know much about transformers…It’s a kind of an electrical machine..- Can you tell me the subject of our lesson?
- Transformers.
- What are the tasks for today’s lesson? What are you to know about transformers?
- 1) to check up our home work; 2) to get some facts about transformers, their construction and their types;
- Let’s fix them up at our screen.
(the slide with the subject and lesson tasks is in the presentation- показывается слайд с названием темы урока и задач)
(Записывают число и тему урока в тетрадях)
3. Warming-up (Речевая разминка)
T.: What are you to do first?
S.: First we should train our words upon the topic.
T.: Right. Let’s remember the words from our topic. Will you look at the table? Will you match the words and their definitions?
(the slide with the table is being demonstrated on the screen- слайд, на котором представлены 2 столбца: с терминами и определениями к ним)
S.: matching the columns, pronouncing the words and their definitions orally
(Соотносят слова и определения, произносят вслух)
Column A Column B
armature a laminated soft-iron core
electromagnet a device consisting of a core of magnetic material such as iron
commutator a device for reversing the direction of a current
rotor the rotating part of a generator or motor
conductor a material allowing the flow of electric current
motor a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy
generator a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
converter a device that converts alternating current to direct current
induction the excitation of the electric current in a conductor
current the movement of an electric charge in a conductor
4. Checking-up the Homework (Проверка домашнего задания)
T.: Now, it’s time to check up your homework. Will you remember the correct writing of some words from our topic?
- Oleg, will you give out Vocabulary Control cards? Thank you. You’re to complete the words with the missing letters and to match the columns by making up word combinations. Look at the screen to see the criteria of giving marks.
S.: filling in the gaps with the missing letters and matching the columns by making up meaningful phrases with them.(Знакомятся с критериями оценивания, заполняют пропуски с пропущенными буквами в словах, составляют словосочетания из столбцов на Vocabulary Control Cards)
Vocabulary Control Card
ind_c_ionener_yc_il9. ins_lat_d10. cond_cti_gpr_n_iplec_nv_rterT.: Correct your works. Look at the screen.
(the slide with the keys is being demonstrated on the screen - слайд с ключами демонстрируется)
- Check-up, please! - So, what are your results?
S.: Talking about the results …
(текущая рефлексия)
T.: Well, Oleg, please, collect Vocabulary Control Cards. Thank you.
(Дежурный собирает карточки и отдает их учителю для контрольной проверки)
5. Text Working (Работа с текстом)
T.: Where can you find the information about the transformers?
S.: We can find it in the text.
5.1 Предтекстовый этап (Pre-Text Working)
T.: Well, now open your textbooks at page 31. You can see the text “Transformers” there.
As usual, there are some tasks upon the text.
First, I’d like you to repeat the new words after me: core, winding, turn, to step up, to step down, frequency, due to, etc.
Put down the new words in your exercise-books.
(Открывают учебники, произносят новые ЛЕ хором за учителем, записывают новые слова в тетради)
(the slide with the NW from the text is being shown to the students - слайд с новыми лексическими единицами показывается студентам)
5.2 Текстовый этап (While-Text Working)
T.: Please, read the text attentively and be ready to do some tasks after reading.
S.: reading the text attentively (Внимательно читают текст)
5.3 Послетекстовый этап (After-Text Working)
T.: So, let’s see how you understood the text. Let’s do Task 3 just after our text. What task is it?
S.: The task is to complete the sentences using the correct variant.
T.: What’s the Russian for: iron core, closed core, input voltage, output voltage, primary winding, second winding, step-up transformer, step-down transformer?
S.: answering teacher’s questions
(the slides with transformers’ types are being demonstrated on the screen- демонстрируется слайд с типами трансформаторов)
T.: Tell me, please, what the work principle is of
- a step-up transformer?
- a step-down transformer?
– an air core transformer?
– an iron core transformer?
S.: ….(answering teacher’s questions)
(Выполняют упражнения по тексту)
5.4 Speaking (Dialogical Speech) (Совершенствование навыков диалогической речи)
T.: Will you make short dialogues upon the text? Please, work in pairs. You may use questions from Ex.5 after the text and from these cards. Try to give exact, necessary and correct information in your dialogues. You have 5 minutes to make them. …Your time is up. Let’s listen to …
S.: making up and acting out the dialogues upon the text
(Составляют и инсценируют микродиалог по прочитанному тексту)
6. The conclusion of the lesson (Постановка домашнего задания. Подведение итогов урока, рефлексия)T.: You have done a lot of activities. Did you find out anything new for yourselves? What did we speak about? What did we revise?
S: We revised the words, checked them up, got the information about transformers, their types, their construction…
T.: Are you satisfied with your work today? What are your marks for today?
S.: I think…
T.: I give you only good & excellent marks. Thank you.
How do you think what kind of homework will be for the next lesson? ….Guess, please.S.: to speak about transformers
T.: You’re quite right. At home make a report about transformers and be ready to speak about them.
The lesson is over. Good-bye! See you next time.

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