раздаточный материал к уроку «Environment»

Card # 1 Topic “Environment”
We can We should We must We mustn’t We needn’t
Card # 2 Make up sentences on the topic “Environment”
using modal verbs and the following word combinations:
- remove the harmful industrial enterprises over the city limits;
- use bicycles instead of cars;
- open more national parks;
- release oil into the sea;
- encourage industries to use cleaner methods of production;
- expand and create green zones;
- drop litter in public places;
- kill the animals and birds;
- plant more new forests;
- protect animals in danger by law;
- throw rubbish in the streets;
- build fewer new roads;
- use aerosol sprays;
- pollute air with gases;
- fight all kinds of pollution;
- treat environmental protection as a matter of vital importance;
- release tremendous energies;
- introduce and install pollution control systems;
- control the use of pesticides and fertilizers;
- ban the freight traffic in the historical centre of the city.

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