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THE N .I GRODEKOV KHABAROVSK REGIONAL LORE MUSEUM Grodekov Nikolai Ivanovich (1843-1913) Born September 22,1843 in family of an officer in the city Elizavetgrad (now Kirovograd). Grodekov Nikolai Ivanovich - Lieutenant-General, Assistant Amur Governor-General, Amur Governor-General,a member of the State Council, a permanent member of the State Defense Council, first chairman of the Amur department of the Russian Geographic Society, honorary citizen of Khabarovsk in 1902. Khabarovsk Regional Lore Museum was opened 19, 1894.Nowadays the museum reserves include more than 328.438 thousand items. Many of them are exposed in 12 sections of the museum. Annually the museum is visited by 180.000 people. More than 2500 excursions, lectures and lessons are given here. 9 moving exhibitions are displayed in the museum and in other cultural-educational institutions of the city. ARCHAEOLOGY NATURE THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRIAMURSKY TERRITORY BY RUSSIA THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLES OF THE RUSSIAN FAR EAST THE N .I GRODEKOV KHABAROVSK REGIONAL LORE MUSEUM ARCHAEOLOGY Archaeological department was opened on the base of the Khabarovsk Regional Lore Museum in 1998. Archaeological reserves of the museum include more than 35000 items. 1200 of them are of great scientific value and they are available to visitors in the archaeological department. Metal became one of the main materials for making tools and armour. NATURE Existing since the first days of the museum nature department gives information on geography of the Khabarovsk Territory, variety of its mineral resources and diversity of its unique flora and fauna. The main natural zones of the Khabarovsk Territory with their inhabitants are displayed in the second section of the nature department. The figures of the biggest mammals of the Far Eastern forest are reconstructed by the best taxidermists. THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLES OF THE RUSSIAN FAR EAST Ethnographical exposition of the Khabarovsk Regional Lore Museum introduces the visitors the rich material and spiritual culture of the indigenous peoples in the Russian Far East at the turn of XIXth - XXth centuries. It gives the opportunity to appreciate the variety of this unique culture at its true value. Tradition clothes Temporary dwellings THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRIAMURSKY TERRITORY The documents and photos dated from the second half of the XIXth - the beginning of the XXth centuries introduce the visitors the history of joining the Far Eastern territories to the Russian Empire and their settling by Slavs from southern and central provinces of Russia. The museum reconstruction of houses and offices of the main social groups of migrants Cossacks, peasants, merchants and intellectuals is of great interest LITERATURE Literature department was founded in May of 1979 and the first exposition was already opened in December of 1981. In the period of its existence research workers collected more than 40 thousand museum items. The museum is the owner of the rich collection of original documents, letters, photos and private things of writers. The department does an active exhibition work. For the last years five literature exhibitions, different in their form and content, were created in the museum. Nikolay Pavlovich Zadornov Nikolay Pavlovich Zadornov was born on December, 5th, 1909 in Penza He lived and wrote his famous books in our region.

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