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HOW TO TEACH SPEAKINGSecondary School State ExamNadisheva E.B. What speakers can doSpeech productionConceptualization and formulationArticulationSelf – monitoring and repairAutomaticityFluencyManaging talk What speakers ought to knowSocial values, the norms of behaviour in a given society and the way how they are realized through languageTransactional function, Interpersonal function , Service encounters, Interactive or non – interactive, Planned or unplannedCognitive / Affective/ Performance Classification of Speaking Genres {69012ECD-51FC-41F1-AA8D-1B2483CD663E}purposeparticipationplanningairport announcementstransactionalNon-transactionalplannedsports commentarytransactionalnon-interactiveunplannedjob interviewtransactionalinteractive(partly) plannedservice encountertransactionalinteractiveunplannedjoke tellinginterpersonal(partly)interactive(partly)plannedleaving a voicemessagetransactionalor interpersonalnon-interactiveunplannedcasual conversationinterpersonalinteractiveunplanned Awareness – raising activitiesUsing recordings and transcriptsFocusing on selected language featuresUsing live listeningUsing noticing – the – gap activities A good way to develop speaking is…In classUnder the professional English teacher guidanceRepeating what the teacher says in classHaving lots of tests in classSpeaking English with other students Using the bilingual dictionary all the timeAt homeWatching YouTube videos you like, films and TV in EnglishKeeping a notebook of new wordsReading in EnglishListening to podcasts or radio programsSpeaking OnlineRecording on audio yourself speaking To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world. –Chinese proverb

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