Living matter: levels of organisation (presentation)

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Living matterLevels of organization CHEMICAL LEVEL - includes all chemical substances (atoms, ions, & molecules) necessary for life (e.g., genes and proteins or, shown below, a small portion - a heme group - of a hemoglobin molecule); together form the next higher level CELLULAR LEVEL - cells are the basic structural and functional units of the human body & there are many different types of cells (e.g., muscle, nerve, blood, and so on) TISSUE LEVEL - a tissue is a group of cells that perform a specific function and the basic types of tissues in the human body include epithelial, muscle, nervous, and connective tissues ORGAN LEVEL - an organ consists of 2 or more tissues that perform a particular function (e.g., heart, liver, stomach, and so on) SYSTEM LEVEL - an association of organs that have a common function. There are 11 major systems in the human body, including :digestivenervous endocrine circulatory respiratory urinary reproductive muscular lymphatic skeletalIntegumentary Quiz1) 5 levels of organization2) Definition of «ткань» and its 4 types 3) Definition of «орган»4) Definition of «система органов» and 11 major systems

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