Housing types

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Housing typesMatch the pictures while reading the text.Names the peculiarities of each building.

Housing types
Although people often think Bungalows and Cottages are the same, they are actually not, although some may appear the same. Bungalows are low profiles types of housing, as are a lot of cottages, but the distinction comes between the style, history and the prices. Generally, bungalows are a lot cheaper than Cottages. The word “bungalow” originates from the Indian word bangla, which in the 19th century referred to houses built in a Bengali style. Bungalows were created when British colonial administrators adapted the classic Indian style low roofs and porches (крыльцо) built around them. They can either be detached or semi-detached. They’re very popular in America, where they have all kinds of styles; each distinct style is often related to particular states.
Thick walls, small windows, low ceilings and most distinctly a thatched (соломенный) roof typically characterize cottages. Cottages were originally located in rural or semi-rural locations, although a lot of cottages have since been developed in cities. Originally, in the middle ages, cottages housed agricultural workers and their families. Cottages are houses that usually come with one and half stores. The top floor is much smaller than the ground floor, as the pillars (столб, колонна) used to hold up the structure takes up a lot of the living space. The thick, dark, classic timber pillars are usually what characterises a cottage.
A detached house is a single standing property that doesn’t share any walls with any other structure. Due to the isolation of the property, they’re usually more “private” and generally more expensive than any other type of house.
A terrace house is a house that is situated in a long row of houses. They all usually look the same- pretty much identical structurally. Both sides of each house in the row share common walls with a neighbouring house, with the exception with the houses at each end of the terrace.
A flat is a living area that is self-contained with in only part of a building. Usually, a flat is situated in a building that is split up into multiple living areas for different residents. Such buildings are called blocks of flats.
A semi-detached house is a pair of houses joined together by a common wall. One side of each house shares a common wall, while the other is detached.

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