Functions of brain parts (TEST)

Functions of brain parts (TEST)
Which parts of the brain are responsible for the following functions? NB! One part can serve more than one function!
VentriclesMedulla OblongataPonsMidbrainCerebellumHypothalamus ThalamusFrontal Lobes Parietal Lobes Temporal LobesOccipital LobesCorpus CallosumMeninges
Control of voluntary movements? ________________________________
Body temperature regulation? ____________________________
Feeling sensations, e.g. such as pain? ________________________________
Protection of the brain? _____________________________
Feeling smells? _____________________________
“Biological clock” regulation? _________________________________
Regulation of the breathing rate? ___________________________ and __________________________
Formation of CSF? ___________________________
Giving appropriate emotional response to the situation? ______________________________
Interpretation of the images one sees? ________________________________
Reflexes such as coughing, sneezing and swallowing? ______________________________
Judging distance and seeing in three dimensions? ______________________________
Sounds interpretation? ___________________________
Regulation of equilibrium? __________________________
Regulation of the heart rate? ___________________________
Mouth movement control involved in speech production? _____________________________
Food intake regulation? _______________________
The link between the two hemispheres? ________________________________
Interpretation of the information received from the receptors in the skin? ________________________
Production of ADH and oxytocin? _______________________
Reflexes such as auditory and visual? _____________________________
Regulation of muscle tone, coordination of movements? ____________________________________

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