ANIMALS IN ACTION! Животные в действии! Презентация

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ANIMALS IN ACTION!Животные в действии!Старостина Евгения Ростиславовна, учитель английского языкаГБОУ «Центр спорта и образования «Самбо-70» Москомспорта 2016, Москва
Write your own poem about the circus! Fill in the gaps with the names of animals and their actions!At the circus In the townThere’s a very funny _______________!The _____________ can ___________ ,And the _____________ can ____________ ,_____________ and ______________all day, HEY! Read and mime! - I can sing like a bird! Guess the crossword!  Across/по горизонтали: Down/по вертикали:2. лягушка3. рыба5. птица6. овечка7. мышь9. собака1. кенгуру4. лошадка6. змея8. свинка Check your answers! Change worksheets and check the spelling of the words!{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}F r o g H en Kitt e n P uppy she e p rabbi t Ch i cken E lephant H o rse Fi s h Mo u se Duc k Look at the words at the cards and arrange them in pairsYou must say:A cow has a calf Read the sentences under/above the pictures and colour them! Animals Catch the ball and name the animal! HOMETASK

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