Russian superstitions

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Polishchuk T.R.Russian superstitions

Цель:Познакомить учащихся с суевериями и предрассудками, существующими в России. Обучать выражать свое отношение к ним.

It’s lucky to have a fly in your soup.
It’s lucky to have a horseshoe above the door.
If you want to pass an exam successfully you mustn’t wash your hair on the eve of the exam and must put a 5 kopek coin into your shoe when leaving for the exam.
It’s lucky to swallow a “lucky” bus ticket.
If your right eye itches, you will be laughing, left – crying.
When you are between two persons with the same names you can think of a dream and it will be fulfilledAnnAnn
It’s lucky to spit three times over your left shoulder or simply knock on wood.
You can’t whistle in the house or you’ll have no money
If you leave your house you can’t go back inside for something left behind.
Never give a Russian woman a watch.
It’s bad when black cat crosses the road in front of you.
It’s unlucky when you meet a woman with an empty bucket.
It’s very bad luck to present yellow flowers.
Unmarried people shouldn’t sit at the corner of the table.
Before anyone takes a long trip, the whole family sits together silently.
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