Презентация к обобщающему уроку по лингвострановедению «Who wants to be a millionaire?» Бурыкина Е.А.

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The 1st tourArrange these American holidays as they appear in the year: a) New Year, b) Valentine’s Day, c) Christmas, d) Halloween c, b, d, a d, a, c, b a, b, d, c a, c, b, d The 2nd tourArrange the weekdays as they appear in the week : a) Sunday, b) Tuesday, c) Friday, d) Wednesday c, b, d, a a, b, d, c a, c, b, d d, a, c, b The 3rd tourArrange these British queens according to the time of their direction: a) Victoria, b) Elizabeth I, c) Elizabeth II c, b, a a, b, c a, c, b c, a, b 123 Question 1 Who is the author of Harry Potter books? J. Tolkien J. Rowling S. King M. Thatcher You were wrongGame over Question 2 Who wrote “Alice in Wonderland”? O. Wilde Sh. Bronte S. King L. Carrol Question 3 Who is the head of the government in the UK? Elizabeth II Victoria Elizabeth I M. Thatcher Question 4 What river does London stand on?the Thamesthe Severnthe Clyde the Amazon Question 5 Robert Burns is a … poet. Welsh Irish Scottish American Question 6 The Tower of London is …a prison a castle a palace a museum Question 7 The capital of Scotland is… DublinEdinburgh Cardiff London Question 8 The mysterious Loch Ness monster is from… England Scotland Wales Ireland Question 9 The famous British newspaper is… The Times Yesterday’s News The Financial Times The Guardian Question 10 What is the name of British flag? Union Jack Stripes & Stars Maple leaf Star banner Question 11 Where is Glasgow situated? in Scotland in Wales in England in Ireland Question 12 Who said this phrase: “I came, I saw, I conquered”? J. Caesar J. Tolkien S. King M. Thatcher Question 13 What is kilt? a skirt a shirt trousers a costume Question 14 Where did the Beatles start their career? London Dublin Liverpool Manchester Question 15 What is a double-decker? a busa traina plane a hotel room WINNER! Question 1 Cardiff is the capital of … England Wales Scotland Ireland Question 2 The United Kingdom consists of … parts two three four five Question 3 The flag of the UK includes … crosses 3 2 4 5 Question 4 Where does the Queen Elizabeth II live? Buckingham PalaceBig Ben Tower of London Westminster Abbey Question 5 When do British celebrate Christmas? December January November February Question 6 Who was the most popular English poet? Shakespeare Burns Wilde O’Henry Question 7 What is the floristic symbol of England? red rose white rose daffodil tulip Question 8 He wrote about a world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes Conan Doyle Robert Burns Steven King Oscar Wilde Question 9 Elvis Presley was known as the King of … Jazz Pop music Heavy metal Rock-n-roll Question 10 Christopher Columbus thought that he reached … China India Japan Australia Question 11 The safest topic for conversation in England is … weather politics music love Question 12 The capital of Northern Ireland is … London Dublin Belfast Cardiff Question 13 Who was the author of “Jungle Book”? Burns Wilde Kipling Carroll Question 14 Where is Ben Nevis situated? England Wales Scotland Ireland Question 15 Stonehenge is about … years old. 3000 4000 1000 2000 Question 1 Dublin is the capital of … England Ireland Scotland Northern Ireland Question 2 The floristic symbol of Wales is … Rose Daffodil Shamrock Tulip Question 3 What holiday do British people celebrate in February? Memorial Day Valentine’s Day Christmas Thanksgiving Question 4 The royal residence is … House of Parliament Buckingham palace Westminster Abbey Tower of London Question 5 The floristic symbol of Northern Ireland is … Rose Shamrock Tulip Daffodil Question 6 What is the oldest British university? London University Oxford Harvard Cambridge Question 7 Who was born in Stratford-on-Avon? Poe Shakespeare Wilde Tolkien Question 8 Where is Westminster Abbey situated? Cardiff London Edinburgh Belfast Question 9 In which month is Thanksgiving Day celebrated? December November October September Question 10 What are the colors of the Irish flag? Orange & white Red & white Blue & white Green & white Question 11 Washington, D. C., is a … Country District Town State Question 12 Look at the photo. Who is this? Elizabeth I Elizabeth II Victoria Diana Question 13 Where is the Whispering Gallery situated? House of Parliament St. Paul’s Cathedral Buckingham Palace Tower of London Question 14 Who is the architect of St. Paul’s Cathedral? B. Shaw Ch. Wren J. Adams J. Turner Question 15 Which part of the UK is absent at the symbol of the UK? England Wales Scotland Ireland Thank you for game!

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