It’s no use in reading detectives

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It’s no use in reading detectives
It is often said that there is no use in reading detectives. However, a lot of people find them helpful and enjoy reading them. Let us consider the advantages and disadvantages.
Personally I believe that reading such kind of books is useful. Reading mystery novels opens our mind to different ideas and sharpens our brain because there are some puzzles to solve. Also, mystery novels are a pleasure to read. Another good thing is that they are really interesting and exciting.
Some people are convinced that reading detectives is a waste of time. They say they do not teach readers any important lessons and are good for nothing. They say that detectives are boring, and there are some other books which are more amusing and entertaining to the reader.
I disagree with the opposing opinion. I don’t think that detectives are useless and dull. I love crime stories and believe they are very valuable for our brains. I find them extremely thrilling and fascinating.
In conclusion, I’d like to say it is up to everybody to decide whether to read crime stories or not. As for me, I think they are worth reading. If you can’t find a good detective, I would highly recommend you to read my favourite detective story «The Speckled Band» by Conan Doyle. You will not regret it and even may change your mind about mystery novels altogether.

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