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Буянова Алла Александровна, ГБПОУ МО «Московский областной медицинский колледж № 3» Ногинский филиал, 2016 г, Ногинск Презентация на тему «Proper Diet» Предмет : «Английский язык» Презентацию подготовила студентка 31 группы Логинова МаргаритаПреподаватель:Буянова А.А. Variety is an important element of a rational diet. For this reason the same dishes, should not be prepared for several days in succession. Well prepared and well served food whets the appetite and is easier to digest. Wheat and rye bread, cereals, macaroni, peas and beans have the highest starch content. For proper balance more starch should be taken, than sugar. The normal daily consumption of sugar, including jam, candy and other sweets, should be 100 grams Milk and other dairy products supply the calcium the body needs. Investigations of scientists have shown that it is most beneficial to have three or four meals a day at regular hours. In the morning, before the day's work begins, the organism should get a good "stoking"— 25—30% of the entire daily nourishment; Lunch ( in Russia it is обед)- 50%, and dinner ( in Russia it is ужин) - 20% of the day's diet. Foods richest in protein should be eaten in the morning and during the day. Breakfast, for example, may consist of a tomato salad, boiled pike perch with potatoes, buckwheat porridge with milk, tea or coffee, bread, butter, eggs and cheese. Fish can be replaced by a meat dish, meat pie (pirozhki) for instance; instead of porridge, pot cheese with cream and sugar may be served. Grated raw carrot before breakfast may be recommended. Lunch should be especially nourishing. If it includes a meat soup—borsch, meat noodle soup, meat vegetable . For example: meat borsch, potato dumplings stuffed with meat and served with tomato sauce and cranberry kissel or a vegetable or chicken cream soup, minced meat rolled in cabbage, and pancakes with jam. An appetizer should be served with dinner: herring with dressing, fish marinade, all kinds of salads Light dishes are recommended for supper in Russia: boiled macaroni with cheese fried eggs, stewed vegetables and baked items and tea. Sour milk or kefir is recommended before going to bed. Answer the following questions.What is an important element of a rational diet ? Should you often change your dishes? Should people eat well-balanced food? What is the normal daily consumption of sugar? What products supply the body with calcium? How many meals a day should we have? Тhank you for your attention

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