Презентация на тему: «Спорт в жизни современного человека»

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Буянова Алла Александровна, ГБПОУ МО «Московский областной медицинский колледж № 3» Ногинский филиал, 2016 г, Ногинск About exercises.Korovkin Dima 33 groupTeacherBuyanova A.A. Exercises are necessary and very important to every person. If a grown-up person doesn’t exercise he can easily get heart disease, nervous tension and other illnesses. Bus drivers who sit all day have heart diseases twice as more than conductors who move all day. Physically inactive people get old earlier than those who exercise. If you do daily exercises you feel refreshed you have good posture. Good posture lifts spirits. Poor posture often causes fatigue. Pay attention to the way you stand, walk and sit. Make up your mind that you will do your daily exercises 10 minutes without fail. Stand erect. Sit erect. Keep your teeth clean.Keep your body clean. Get plenty of sleep Take long walks in the open air as much as you can. Thank you for attention

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