Презентация на тему: «Соединенное Королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии»

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Презентация по дисциплине:«Английский язык»на тему:«THE UNITED KINGDOM\ GREAT BRITAIN\ ENGLAND.»Специальность:34.02.01 Сестринское делоКвалификация:Медицинская сестраГруппа № 33Студентки:Бдикиной А. Педагог:Буянова А. А.Ногинск 2016 годБуянова Алла Александровна, ГБПОУ МО «Московский областной медицинский колледж № 3» Ногинский филиал, 2016 г, Ногинск The United Kingdom of Great Britain consists of four parts  Which are made of two main islands: the larger is called Great Britain, the smaller is Ireland (which includes Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland). Each part of the UK has its capital. England is a country with highly developed industry and agriculture. For hundreds of years wool had been known as one of the most important exports of England. The original basis of its industry were coal-mining, shipbuilding and engineering. In the 20th century a new light industry has grown up all over the country. England is the largest of four countries which make up Great Britain. The main rivers are the Thames and the Severn. England has the largest population in the United Kingdom – 46 million people. Scotland is situated to the north of England. The name «Scotland» (the ancient Caledonia) originated in the 11th century, when part of the country was called «Scotia». Its population is a little over 5 million people. Wales is noted for its picturesque mountains with the highest peaks of Great Britain, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. With the population of over 3 million people. Cardiff is the capital and the largest city of Wales, and it is also the country`s main economic, industrial and cultural centre. Most of the land is hilly, though the mountains are not very high. Forests are rather scarce; moors and meadows prevail. The net of rivers is rather thick; the main rivers (the Erne, the Logan and the Bann) are deep and are connected by navigable canals. Its population is about 1,5 million people.

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