Spotlight 6. Module 4. Материалы для проведения учащимися самостоятельного опроса по теме “Favourite TV shows of my class”.

Сипягин В.А.
ГБОУ Гимназия №1619 им. М.И. Цветаевой, г.Москва2015
Spotlight 6
Module 4
THE SURVEY “What do Russian teens think about…?”
My name___________________________
My surname __________________________
My class ____________________________
My survey is about ____________________
Hints for the interview
love great exciting delicious
fantastic wonderful
like fine enjoyable
don’t like boringdull
hate Awful terrible horrible
Model for the interview
A: What do you think about sitcoms?
B: I find them boring.
I think (that) sitcoms are boring.
Table for the survey
Person Opinion Person Opinion
Model for the answer and model of the Pie Chart
30% of my classmates
of my friends think
believe that sitcoms are boring.
find sitcoms boring.

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