интервью с иностранцем

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Conducting an Interview Интервью с иностранцем. Автор: Чернобай Светлана БорисовнаМАОУ г. Новосибирска Образовательный центр – гимназия № 6 «Горностай»2009 г.Г. Новосибирск Guidelines for Interviewing Arrange the time and place for the interview ahead of time. If you are planning to tape record the interview, ask permission to do so when you are making the arrangements. May I tape record the interview? Would you mind if I …? Is it all right if I …? Before the interview, plan and review the list of questions you will ask.Try to avoid questions that require yes or no answers. If you do use this type of question, ask the person to expand on her or his answers.Ask person’s opinion: Do you agree? What do you think (of, about)? What’s your view? Why do you think that? Is it true that …? How do you find …? What’s your opinion about …? What are your feelings about …? Effective interview questions encourage people to give meaningful and detailed responses. Ask who, what, when, where, why and how questions. Don’t forget the words order – question word, auxiliary verb, noun … Where do you live? Who lives in America?Be polite – Excuse me … Excuse me for asking but what …I’d like to know if (what) N…Do you know when N…Could you tell me why N…Ask your questions clearly and politely. Он еду на бреду.Use questions from your list, but try to make the interview seem as much like actual conversation as possible. Use interjections, for example: aha An exclamation of understanding, realization, invention, or recognition. mmmAn expression used to show thought or reflection. mmm, I see what you mean. yeah(informal) yes React: positively: I think it’s great! What a lovely idea! Wow! Really! No! Oh, dear! That’s amazing! That’s great news! It’s fantastic! negatively: It’s quite unusual. It’s hard to believe. sympathetically: Are you all right? How terrible! How frightening! Don’t worry, it’ll be OK. You must feel very upset! use phrases for agreeing: Yes, I totally agree with you! You are absolutely right! Use encouraging noises, for example: Really? What book? Which one? Did you? Do you? What happened? What happened next (then)? What did you do? Such as? (*) Be prepared to ask questions that are not on your list. Do not rush through the interview. Give the person time to think about his/her response. Be a good listener and take time to accurately record responses. Do not be afraid to ask the person for time so that you can write down answers. Remember that one of the most important interviewing skills is to make sure you get the true meaning of what the person says rather than writing every word. Ask for help in spelling any names or places that are unfamiliar.I’m not sure I completely understand.Could you repeat that again, please?Could you explain what ___ means?Would you mind repeating?Could you please spell it?Be sure to thank the person for her/his time.

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