Spotlight 7. Module 7a. Самостоятельная работа с текстом

Сипягин В.А.
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Spotlight 7
Match the genres of literature to their definitions.
A story that takes place in the future or in space Mystery
An exciting story about a hero who does dangerous things Biography
A serious and emotional play written for the theatre, radio or television Humorous story
A story that makes you feel worried, because you don’t know what is going to happen next Science fiction story
A funny story with a happy ending Adventure
A story about someone’s life written by another person Suspense story
A story about a crime or a strange event Drama
Read the texts on pages 16-17 and fill in the table.

Name/surname of the writer Date of birth Place of birth/living Famous books Famous characters
_____________ ________
_____________ ________
_____________ ________

Give names to the pictures (use the words from the texts on pages 16-17).

________________________ ___________________ ______________

_______________ ________________ ____________ ________________
Translate the words into Russian.
Neat appearance –
Obsession with order –
Psychology –
Investigation of crimes –
At first glance –
Inspire –
Brilliant –
Solve mysterious cases -
Imagination –
Several -
Match the words in bold from the text with their synonyms.
famous unusual
typical ordinary
extraordinary well-known
faithful clever
intelligent amazing
strange loyal

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