Занимательный тест по английскому языку, 8 класс

Автор: Сергеева Ольга Викторовна, учитель английского языка ГБОУ ООШ с.Токмакла, 2016г.
Занимательный тест по английскому языку, 8 класс

1. What is Eisteddford? a country C) a festival
a dish D) a dance
2. What is English marmalade?
A) apple jam C) orange jam
B) sweets D) a cake
3. Guy Fawkes is…
A) a national hero of Britain C) a famous historian
B) a poet D) the man that wanted to set fire to the House of Parliament
4. Robin Hood is…
A) a British spy C) a national hero of England
B) a famous writer D) a popular character of novels and tales
5. Cockney is...
A) an accent C) a bird
B) a dish D) a town
6. Smog is…
A) a man’s suit C) a heavy rain
B) a thick fog D) a man’s hat
7. The Crown Jewels are in…
A) the Tower of London C) Buckingham Palace
B) Westminster Palace D) the British Museum
8. In Britain people’s weight is measured in …
A) tons C) kilos
B) stones and pounds D) pints
9. What’s tartan?
A) a dish C) a pattern of the kilt
B) a bird D) a dance
10. What is Humpty Dumpty?
A) a toy C) an egg
B) an animal D) a bird
11. What’s the name of the London underground?
A) Metro C) Subway
B) Tube D) Underground
12. What was J. Constable?
A) a musician C) a politician
B) a poet D) a painter
13. The symbol of the US is…
A) Union Jack C) Uncle Sam
B) Big Ben D) Pall Mall
14. The safest topic for conversation in England is…
A) politics C) music
B) weather D) love
15. The language spoken in Scotland is…
A) Scot C) Scottish
B) Scotch D) Scotland’s
Ответы: 1) C; 2) C; 3) D; 4) D; 5) A; 6) B; 7) A; 8) B; 9) C; 10) C; 11) B; 12) D; 13) C; 14) B; 15) C

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