Cultural Studies. The USA. Utah

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Cultural Studies. The USAЮнусова Юлия ШамильевнаГБОУ "Школа № 2095 "Покровский квартал", Москва2016 Utah Utah. General Facts. the 45th state to join the Union is bordered by the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada capital city: Salt Lake City other cities: South Jordan, Riverton, Syracuse and Provo. the population: 2.9 million the earliest inhabitants: the Ute and Navajo Indians Utah = “people of the mountains” (Ute Indian language) the 13th largest state in the USA the official state emblem: the beehive (the Beehive state) the official language: English Utah and its areas of natural beautyGrand Staircase-EscalanteMonument Valley Utah and its areas of natural beautyBonneville Salt FlatsGreat Salt LakeLake Powell Utah and its areas of natural diversityThe Rocky MountainsThe Great BasinThe Colorado Plateau Utah and its national parksArchesBryce CanyonCanyonlands Utah and its national parksCapitol ReefZion Utah and the Winter Olympics in 2002 Utah hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002 ski resorts located in northern Utah near Salt Lake City, Park City Utah and its laws transportation education information technology and research mining a major tourist destination for outdoor recreationAlcohol, tobacco and gambling laws are strict. Utah is an alcoholic beverage control state.The Utah Indoor Clean Air Act is a statewide smoking ban, that prohibits smoking in many public places. Utah set a smoking age of 19. Utah is also one of only two states in the United States to outlaw all forms of gambling; the other is Hawaii.

Utah and its symbolsInsect: Honey BeeEmblem: BeehiveMotto: Industry has 26 official symbolsThe Bee symbolizes hard work, beehive – industry. People of Utah – industrious and hardworking. Motto “industry” appears on the State Flag and the Great Seal of the State of Utah.

Utah and its symbolsFlower: Sego LilyFlag: The Flag of UtahThe Sego Lily symbolizes peace.The Flag of Utah: a beehive, Sego Lilies growing on either side of the beehive, the word "industry”, the Bald Eagle, two American Flags, the date 1847, the date 1896.

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