Cultural Studies. The USA. National Park. Great Basin

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Юнусова Юлия ШамильевнаГБОУ "Школа № 2095 "Покровский квартал", Москва2016Cultural Studies. The USA Great Basin National Park is located in Nevada, about 5 miles west of Bakeran area of scenic beautyRocky Mountain scenerywestern desert scenery General factslocation: Nevadaestablished: October 27, 1986size: 77,180 acresincludes streams, lakes, plants, stunning wildlife, a variety of forest types and numerous limestone caverns The name of Great Basinfrom a peculiarity of drainage: over most of the area, streams and rivers all flow inlandcalled Great Basin by explorer John C. Frémontthe region actually comprises not one but at least 90 basins, all separated by mountain ranges 

Wheeler Peakthe second highest mountain in NevadaThe summit and to the region are glacialThe view from Wheeler Peak
The Lehman Caves is a limestone cave with ancient formationsinformation about past surface, climate: in the layers of formations has great potential for researchers to study the effects of climate on plants and animals Bristlecone Pines - The Oldest Treesare the world's oldest living things: 4,950 years of agewere already more than a century old when the first pyramid was built in Egyptare able to survive in harsh environment Tourists’ activitieshiking bird watchingstar gazing

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