Culture Studies. The USA. The Arctic Region: the Eskimos

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The Arctic Region: the EskimosЮнусова Юлия ШамильевнаГБОУ "Школа № 2095 "Покровский квартал", Москва2016Culture Studies. The USA The Eskimos inhabited the Arctic Circle from eastern Siberia all the way to Greenland Alaska in the US, Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territory, Nunavut, Quebec,Newfoundland in Canada were nomadic people now live on the North Slope in Alaska and on Little Diomede Island are known as the Inuit Houses modern Inuit mostly live in small, wooden homes in the past, the Inuit lived in igloos and tents in the winter, the Inuit built igloos (blocks of snow) in spring, the Inuit moved into a tent (animal bones or wood, covered with animal skins) Food sea mammals: seals, walruses, whales and fish, such as salmon and pike birds: geese, duck and ptarmigan (белая куропатка)   ClothesThe clothes were heat-efficient: the parkas, anoraks and mukluks (унты) (polar bear fur and sealskin) the knee-length pants (polar bear fur or caribou skin)  ClothesFor footwear the Inuit wore: boots which end at the knee two layers of liner-like fur stockings homemade moccasins  Traditions and CustomsBirthday Customs1) If a pregnant woman walks out of a house backwards, she can have a bad delivery. 2) If a pregnant woman sleeps at irregular times, she will have a lazy child. 3) The children after the birth were given a name within a month of birth.  Traditions and CustomsReligious Customs communicated with spirits and prayed in large group ceremonies, which involved dancing believed that the spirits of their ancestors could be seen in the Aurora Borealis  Significance bred the dogs “the huskies” that pulled the sledges Significance created bone, stone, ivory and metal sculptures and amulets in addition to practical objects: baskets, pots, jewelry, tapestries, dolls and weapons Thank You for Watching!

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