Culture Studies. The USA. Spanish Colonization

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Spanish ColonizationЮнусова Юлия ШамильевнаГБОУ "Школа № 2095 "Покровский квартал", Москва2016Culture Studies. The USA Spanish colonization was driven by the wish: to expand the knowledge of the world to find new trade routes to discover riches to expand ChristianityThe reasons for Spanish Colonization was an Italian explorer, navigator and colonizer, born in the Republic of Genoa (Italy) completed 4 voyages across the Atlantic Ocean under the patronage of the Catholic Monarchs of SpainChristopher Columbus 1492: departed with 3 ships: the Santa María, the Pinta ("Painted") and the Santa Clara, nicknamed the Niña ("Girl") after her owner Juan Niño of Moguer searched for an alternative trade route to the Indies (Asia)Christopher Columbus landed on a small island in the Bahamas renamed it San Salvador (Holy Savior) called the inhabitants as los indios

explored other islands throughout the Caribbean, staking his claim to each one Christopher Columbus intended to transform the islands of the Caribbean into colonies = lands that are controlled by another nationcompleted 4 round-trip voyages between Spain and the Americas“It was my wish to bypass no island without taking possession” accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World was named governor of present-day Puerto RicoJuan Ponce de León brought Juan Ponce de León to the Florida peninsula (1513) legend: those who drinks from the fountain will be cured of all illnesses and the youthful appearance will be restoredFountain of Youthis commemorated by this plaque, which marks mineral springs in St. Augustine, Florida
sailed northwest from Puerto Rico until he reached Florida the king of Spain honored him with a knighthood and named him governor of Florida visited Florida in 1521 was wounded by an Indian arrow and returned home and diedJuan Ponce de León 1540: hoped to conquer treasures of the mythical Seven Cities of Gold explored the southwestern part of the U.S.A.: Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, the Grand Canyon and TexasFrancisco Vasquez de Coronado the Spanish monarchy assigned priests to explore and colonize the US and expand Christianity 1609–1610: governor of New Mexico led settlers to a tributary of the Rio Grande built a capital called Santa Fe (“Holy Faith”) Christian missions arose among the Pueblo, the native inhabitants of the regionwas against the cruel treatment of nativesPedro de Peralta Thank You for Watching!

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