Cultural Studies. The USA. Lafayette

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Юнусова Юлия ШамильевнаГБОУ "Школа № 2095 "Покровский квартал", Москва2016Cultural Studies. The USA The Marquis de Lafayettewas a French general played important roles in two revolutions in France volunteered his time and money during the Revolutionary War (1775–83). Early lifeLafayette was born on September 6, 1757, in FranceHis father was killed in the Seven Years' War (1756–63)His mother moved to ParisHis grandmothertreated her peasants with generosity => After her altruistic example, revolutionary principles were natural conclusionsHis mother and grandmother died when he was 13, leaving him a wealthy noble orphan. Lafayette and the French armyLafayette joined the French army in 1771 volunteered to help the new country in its fight against England after the outbreak of the American Revolution Lafayette and the American RevolutionKing Louis XVI (1754–1793) refused to allow Lafayette to go to AmericaLafayettesailed to the US in 1777, buying a ship with his own moneylanded in North Carolina in June 1777 was s an assistant to General George Washington (1732–1799). assisted in battles in Pennsylvania and New Jersey was sent back to France to obtain greater French support for the Americans Lafayette and the American RevolutionLafayette returned to France in 1779was arrested for having disobeyed the kingreturned to America in 1780was given command of the defense of Virginia with the rank of major general in 1781drew English commander  Charles Cornwallis (1738–1805) into a trap at Yorktown, VirginiaCharles Cornwallis Post American RevolutionLafayette rejoined the French army.helped launch the French Revolution in 1789drafted the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was commander of the Paris National Guard fled the country in 1792 when the revolution turned violent was captured by Austrian forces Post American RevolutionLafayette was less respectable while Napoleon Bonaparte took power as emperor of Franceargued for Napoleon's abdication (отречение)was presented with the opportunity to become dictator after Charles X was overthrown in 1830Louis-PhilippeNapoleon Bonaparte insisted that Louis-Philippe should be a leader was reestablished as commander of the National Guard remained a defender of democratic ideals until his death in 1834 Thank you for attention!

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