Викторина к уроку английского языка «Halloween»

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“HALLOWEEN”What do we know about it? Halloween quiz 17 questions 3 variants Sometimes can be more than 1 answer 30 seconds for each question Question №1 An animal that symbolizes evil and bad luck and is witch’s pet.a) bat b) owl c) black cat Question №2 A hollowed out pumpkin with a face cut in one side and a candle put inside. a) Jack-o-lantern b) Tom-o-lantern c) Miss Pumpkin Question №3 A small creature that catches insects in a web. a) rat b) spider c) frog Question №4 A monster that goes out of control and is dangerous. a) Frankenstein b) Spiderman c) Harry Potter Question №5 A large round metal container used for cooking over fire. a) pan b) pot c) cauldron Question №6 A pointed covering for the head that witches wear. a) witch hat b) witch cap c) witch crown Question №7 Sweet food made of sugar. a) cake b) candies c) biscuits Question №8 Nocturnal small animals that look like mice with wings. a) bats b) rats c) owls Question №9 A spirit of a dead person represented as a pale, transparent image. a) skeleton b) mummy c) ghost Question №10 A woman with evil magic powers. a) witch b) wizard c) fairy Question №11 Large round vegetables with hard orange skin. a) eggplants b) courgette c) pumpkins Question №12 Typical Halloween clothes a) Tuxedo b) Costumes c) Sportswear Question №13 A skeleton consists of . a) Skull b) Bones c) blood Question №14 Children dress up frightening costumes and visit people’s homes to demand sweets.a) trick or treatb) apple bobbingc) strolling Question №15 A brush on the end of a long handle that witches use to fly. a) wire brush b) broom c) mop Question №16 A representation of a dead person. a) spirit b) goblin c) zombie Question №17 A large grave, built of stone. a) coffin b) sarcophagus c) tomb lollipops Bobbing the apple Let’s sing! Creepy – бросающий в дрожь, вызывающий страхCrawly – разг. испытывающий ощущение мурашек по телуSpooky - разг. похожий на привидение, жуткий Kooky – разг. неуравновешенныйCausing – приносящийAglow – пылающий, сверкающий; ярко горящий, пламенеющий; Name all Halloween characters Thank you for attention!

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