test 4 class

5 класс
Choose the right item.
What … interesting news!
an b) the c) –
Your brother never travels by train, …?doesn`t he b) is he c) does he
They visit the museum four times … year.
a b) an c) –
What … good advice!
A b) the c)-
Mrs Wood is going …
to buy b) buy c)buys
Has he ever … the film?
see b) seen c) saw
Nick … a week ago.
arrived b) has arrived c)will arrive
– Will you lock the door?
But I… it.
locked b) lock c)have locked
He had to buy some bread, …?did he b)didn`t he c) hadn`t he
I have … phoned him.
just b) yet c) yesterday
I have never read such… interesting book.
- b) an c) a
The flat is clean. I … clean it today.
mustn`t b) don`t have to c) can`t
Policemen …. work at night.
mustn`t b) don`t have to c) can`t
When I was …little boy I liked to watch birds.
a b) - c) the
William took the box … was made of wood.
who b)which c) what
We sit at….same desk.
the b) - c) a
… lesson 10 is very easy.
a b) the c) –
Why did they want to buy such…toys?
a b) the c) –
What … good advice!
a b) the c) –
The news… sad.
Is b) are c) were
Soon we`ll… travel a lot.
can b) be able to c) must
He wanted… a singer.
becomes b) become c) to become
She must … the police.
calls b) to call c) call
He had nothing interesting. - … .
No, he didn`t b)No, he hadn`t c) Yes, he didn`t
Who likes to wear jeans?
The boys…
do b) didn`t you c) hadn`t you
I am a bad singer, …?aren`t I b) isn`t it c) don`t I
…. a lot of children in the park.
It won`t be b) There will be c) there will be
He is ill. – How long … ill?
is he b) was he c) has he been.
The garden looks… .nice b) nicely c) well
She worked …
hard b) hardly
I was late yesterday. It … me two hours to get to the museum.
takes b) will take c) took
They could… understand us.
hard b) hardly c) good
… five rooms in the house.
will b) there will be c) it will be
– Will you open the window?
But I… it.
opened b) have opened c) open
Nobody… in this house.
live b) lives c) doesn`t live
I have a lot of sandwiches but I have very… cakes.
little b) few c) many
Let`s buy ice-cream, I have got… money.
a few b) a little c) few
We`ve known each other…last year.
for b) since c) in

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