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Environmental problems 
Nowadays people actively discuss ecological problems. The most serious environmental problems are air pollution, water pollution, and nuclear pollution, noise of transport, destruction of wild nature and beauty of countryside. As for air pollution nowadays many people prefer leaving cities for countryside. It`s connected with polluted air. In cities there are a lot of plants, factories and transport. We breathe in polluted air. Everyone knows that trees breathe in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, but forests are cut down and the result is very sad. There is not enough oxygen. Another big problem is shortage of drinkable water. Plants and factories pour industrial waste into rivers and lakes. Fish and reptiles die. It`s dangerous to eat Poisoned fish. Animals and birds leave their habitats because woods are cut down. They don`t have food to eat and starve.Nuclear pollution is the most dangerous. Many countries taste weapon. There are many nuclear stations. If they go wrong (выйдут из строя) the result will be very sad.
The solution could be using filters at factories and plants. People also have possibilities to use alternative (sources of energy: such as solar energy and wind turbines.I believe people should think more about saving our planet.

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