Spotlight 8 module 1 Questions

Зачёт модуль 1
Тема 1 Breaking the ice
What does breaking the ice mean?
Why is it s difficult to break the ice?
Explain the meaning of the tip SMILE.
Explain the meaning of the tip DEVEPOL PASSIONS
Why is it so important to be a positive person?
Give advice to a person who can`t listen to?
What kind of a person should be a real friend?
Тема 2 Social Etiquette
What are the British famous for?
What is the most common form of greeting in Britain?
How do the British greet relatives?
What affectionate names do British people use?
What should you avoid asking British people about?
What topics are acceptable for small talk?
What should you know before visiting a British person?
Тема 3 Dealing with conflict
Where can conflict show up?
How do usually people feel in conflict? Is it normal?
Do all people react in the same way?
What is useful to do before resolving conflict?
How should you talk to an opponent?
How should you behave if you want people to hear you?

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