Educational System in Great Britain and Russia

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EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IN GREAT BRITAIN AND RUSSIA Berbeshkina T.I. TYPES OF SCHOOLS IN GREAT BRITAIN AND RUSSIA RUSSIA GREAT BRITAIN COMPARE RUSSIAN AND ENGLISH SCHOOLS Similar Different Time when school begins The duration of the lesson Subjects Marks Age of the pupil when he comes to school The number of lessons a day Types of schools Free education School for everybody (boys and girls) Wear a uniform Great BritainCоre subjects in Britain - Mathematics, English and Natural history, Science (including in itself biology, chemistry, physicist, geography, anatomy, human biology, sociology, political science, law, statistics, history, music, art, computers and programming, English language, English literature, and religion. Also one or more foreign languages (French, German, Spanish and others) in Addition to the core subjects in every school in England there are more, such as Latin, fundamentals of business, Economics and others. Russia Primary school Russian (letters, sample of writing, reading), mathematics, "world around us", physical culture, music, labour, Art. Secondary school Algebra, Geometry, Russian, Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Foreign Languages, Information Technology, Physical Education, History. SCHOOL SUBJECTS VIDEO SCHOOLS IN GREAT BRITAIN Grammar schools Technical schools Modern schools Comprehensive schools Private Schools SEN (special educational needs) SCHOOLS IN RUSSIA general secondary schools Lycee Gymnasiums Private schools Specialized school

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