Migrants’ adaptation and integration

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Migrants’ adaptation and integration Berbeshkina T.I. 2016 Aim bringing-up civic identity of students as one the basic means of migrants’ adaptation and integration. Migration Migration has always played an important role in the human history. It supported the economic growth, contributed to the development of the states and societies, bound cultures and civilizations. Migrants were often among most dynamic and enterprising members of the society. XX – th Century In the twentieth century the world saw the intensive growth of population migrations. Between 1980 and 2015 the number of international migrants doubled Post-soviet Russia Post-soviet Russia has become one of the leaders of the global migration processes: during the 90-s only the USA and Germany experienced greater migration flows. Integration Problems For already 20 years the regions of the Russian Federation which attract migrants have to elaborate their own approaches of solving adaptation and integration problems. The main burden falls on the social and – first of all educational sphere, as there are more and more migrant children attending public schools and kindergartens. Very often such childrendo not speak or understand Russian and are not familiar with Russian legislation, history and culture. Two-three Million Migrants Adaptation and integration issues have long ago become a consistent part of the educational process in the education system. Government have to deal with these issues because every year over two-three million migrants arrive to our country. To Solve Problem Our school must start to participate in the process of social and cultural migrants’ integration. To solve this problem: Establish special Russian language groupswhich are attended by the children of foreign migrants in the second half of the day. Conclusion Special attention is paid to educating young people in the spirit of ethnic tolerance international friendship. Important role here is played by supplementary education and club activities.

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